The Tampa Bay Rays have announced that their scheduled pregame ceremony to honor David Ortiz on Sunday has been canceled.

The move comes after the tragic news that Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez was killed in a boating accident late Saturday night.

Ortiz asked the Rays to cancel the ceremony.



  1. Jim says:

    Another Ortiz story……way to put the work in.

    Raysindex Mission
    Our goal is to provide breaking news and analysis on a DAILY basis, as well as critique the media coverage of the Tampa Bay Rays.

    Please make this the final post. You’ve failed horribly on your mission statement, it’s time to stick a fork in this site/blog. There’s no critique or analyzing, it’s all just fluff and filler. And the daily is a farce.


  2. monte says:

    Cork, I agree a great deal with Jim but I'm not yet willing to put your blog in the ground just yet. I just don't understand why you posted this latest. What's the point?

    Here's hoping you can rescue yourself from the tangles of NY and return to what had been very good and provocative observations about the Rays and Rays' games.

  3. Brent says:

    2 weeks, only 4 post, and 3 of them soley about Ortiz. We need someone, anyone willing to create a new "local" Rays blog for whatever the flash ads and sponsors pays for next season, because a MLB team's fans deserve a better go-to spot for our news and gossip...
    Its finally time after all these years to put a Cork in it like we did with Shelton...

  4. Steve says:

    It's been clear for a while now that Cork is busy with other things in life and this blog has become an afterthought. It's a shame too because it was the best Rays blog for so many years. Lately I've been forced to turn to draysbay for all things Rays, which really sucks. I can't stand pretty much everything about draysbay.


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