Player/Manager/Exec. Nickname(s) Reason for nickname(s)
Chris Archer Big Tree After one particularly rough stretch, Chris Archer spoke to the media after a game and spoke about how trees sometimes need a little weather to grow. After that, Archer took off and grew.
Grant Balfour The Mad Australian Well, he is Australian and he is crazy and might just tell you to SIT THE F*** DOWN! if he strikes you out in a big spot.
Alex Colome Big Horse He got busted taking horse steroids and then gave himself this nickname. Seriously.
John Jaso Dyn-O-Mite! His initials are J.J.. Ask your parents.
Desmond Jennings Flash He is fast (duh), but he also shows flashes of power. And in 2011, when the Rays need somebody to save their universe, Jennings came up and did just that
Kevin Kiermaier The Outlaw Based on the way he plays the outfield. He claims somebody not named Kevin Kiermaier in the minors came up with it. I am skeptical.
Evan Longoria Dirtbag Longoria played college baseball at Long Beach St whose mascot for the baseball team is "The Dirtbags". Longoria is also a throwback player that would find a way to get his uniform dirty in a sterile environment