While the Rays continue to hem and haw about honoring David Ortiz in his final appearance at Tropican Field as a player, it turns out Big Papi will actually honor The Trop.

Ortiz wears New Balance shoes and the company has announced special cleats for him to wear, and the design of the shoes are based on the opponent and where the games will take place.

For the games against the Rays at The Trop, that means grey cleats with blue studs. Why grey and blue? Here is the description via BostInno:

“Tampa Bay: The all-over grey body of the cleat is inspired by hammerhead sharks, as Tampa Bay is known to be home to many; pops of ice blue mimic the ocean where the sharks dwell. The corresponding Tampa Bay 574 will be available when the series against Tampa Bay kicks off on September 23rd for $159.99.”

Here is the shoe:

In addition to Tampa Bay, Ortiz will also wear special cleats for the Orioles (crab-themed), Yankees (taxi-themed), and Toronto (maple leaf-themed).



  1. monte says:

    That is so exciting!
    I can't wait to see them from how many feet away?

  2. Rome says:

    I have been living and swimming in Tampa Bay for 18 years now, and I have NEVER come across a hammerhead. Also, the body of water surrounding the bay area is a gulf not an ocean.

    I guess the cleat-makers know something I don't.

    Perhaps that is why Ortiz always pauses after hitting a deep fly ball; he is afraid of a hammerhead attack. That makes sense.

  3. Brent says:

    The sad part is people got paid a lot of $ to sit around and think of such a dumb design...
    For one, the hammerhead is one of the scarce shark here, and the water themed spikes color is wrong. Two, I believe its a dig at Rays, that hammerheads eat stingrays (https://www.quora.com/Can-sharks-eat-stingrays)...
    What a "Masshole" move from Roidtiz...

  4. Rob says:

    Three articles in a row featuring David Ortiz?


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