Alex Rodriguez’ career with the New York Yankees will come to an end on Friday when he plays his final game against the Tampa Bay Rays and now speculation has turned to where he might play next and the Rays are getting some consideration.

Most people have called the move by the Yankees and A-Rod a “retirement,” in large part because he has already announced that he will accept a position with the Yankees as a minor league adviser. But interestingly, Rodriguez never said he was retiring and left open the possibility of playing again.

In reality, this is mostly a face-saving move by A-Rod. He wants to play again, but doesn’t want to be forced into retirement if nobody wants to sign him. This way he can say he walked away on his own terms while still letting teams know he can be easily talked out of it.

So, where would A-Rod sign? Well, it would have to be an American League team since he is just a DH these days. He is also from Florida. So Buster Olney put two and two together and got the Tampa Bay Rays!

Well, sorta.

This is just all speculation on Olney’s part. He also lists the Miami Marlins as the most likely destination. Rodriguez is from Miami. They are a PED-friendly team (Barry Bonds is the hitting coach). But, of course, they don’t DH (which is dumb, but that’s another story for another day).

Olney calls the Rays the next-best option:

“They are always looking for cheap, effective solutions, and once the Yankees release Rodriguez on Friday, his next team will be on the hook to pay Rodriguez only the prorated minimum salary. He could be a DH for the Rays and draw some interest to a team constantly in search of ways to get attention.”

Now let’s turn to Marc Topkin to rain on everybody’s parade:

It’s interesting that the Rays would dismiss it so easily.

Who have been the Rays’ two main DHs this season against lefties? Steve Pearce and Brandon Guyer. Both of those players are now gone in trades. So it would seem that the Rays will need a right-handed DH next year unless you think Steven Souza is ready to become a part-time DH.

And it is also not like the Rays haven’t made almost an exact-same move before. Remember Manny Ramirez? A proven steroid user, late in his career, and a right-handed bat who had a little left in the tank as the Rays looked to catch lightning in a bottle.

Maybe the Manny scenario scared the Rays. But if A-Rod is willing to play for whatever the veteran minimum is in order to get to 700 home runs, why not take a chance?

The Rays have no interest in signing Rodriguez now. That doesn’t mean they won’t have interest in February.



  1. Drew says:

    I'd rather watch Dickerson continue to hit .200 all next season then see A-rod in one at-bat as a Ray. We don't need to be helping this steroid loser achieve a tainted milestone.

    • Steve says:

      I would rather the Rays sign Tebow and put him straight into the majors than give ARod a contract.

    • Nathan says:

      I would rather leave the DH spot empty and take an out each time in the order!

    • monte says:

      I would rather have our pitchers DH.
      It might give them a little spunk, especially the bullpen.
      Heck, they can't pitch.
      They've got to be good for something.
      I wish A-rod the best in retirement down in Miami.

  2. Dan R. says:

    NO, nuff said.


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