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Blue Jays 7, RAYS 0 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: The good news is that if you actually tried to watch last night’s game, you could bail after the second inning and go watch the Olympics. What a disaster.

THE BAD: That was as bad a start to a game as you will see. Steven Souza dropped an easy flyball in foul territory on the second batter of the game. That batter later singled. Then, with 2 outs, that batter scored on a 3-run home run that should have never happened. Brad Miller’s career as a first baseman had been going well until last night. It could have been worse. After Melvin “Don’t call me BJ” Upton walked and stole second base (easily), Evan Longoria decided to shift on the next batter and leave third base completely uncovered. Upton was like,”I’ll take that. Thanks!” Amazing.

More Bad. Last time we checked in with Miller his bast was kind of on fire since the news that the Rays had traded for Matt Duffy and Miller’s future as a shortstop seemed to be over. Now Miller is playing first base for the first time in the series against the Jays. In the first two games he went 4-8 with a walk. However, in game 3, he went 0-4 with 3 strikeouts and an error. It’s just one game, but that is a bad game.

THE TELLING: Richie Shaffer was sent back to Durham and Matt Duffy is expected to be activated from the DL for Friday’s game in New York…The Rays are now 46-67, 18 games back in the East. Only the Atlanta Braves have a worse record.


  • Another potential site for a new stadium. This one is on the waterfront near the Gandy Bridge. Not sure if this is a new site. I feel like Gandy Bridge has been mentioned a few times in the past. []




  1. monte says:

    We all have days in which things are just out of sync. The day seems to have a negative bent to it. That's what happened with Snell last night. It was like the world suddenly turned against him. An experienced 3rd baseman fell asleep on the job, was not watching the little baby, and the baby slipped out of the house. Add to that the terrible drops by Souza and Miller.

    Are these the 1962 NY Mets? Well no, the Rays have already won more games than those Mets (40-120), but they also have not played every game like the original Mets like they did last night!

    I'm already looking forward to next year. But this team is becoming a little more interesting because we're getting to see who may be playing here next year when every single one on this team ought to be better.

    MY BIG WORRY IS THE BULLPEN. We sure do have to get that space vastly improved.

  2. Dave L says:

    I lasted to the third inning last night then bailed for good. Usually in games like this I fast forward 4x to the end to see if it gets better, but my masochism needs to stop. Its getting unhealthy.

    Snell is one of the few reasons to watch this team at this point. Dickerson should be trying first not Miller.

    Rays have now caught the Twins and are only 4 games back of the Braves for the #1 pick!

    • monte says:

      Well, if you think about it, what do they have to play for as a team other than the #1 pick. However, I'd rather see them get fired up, play aggressively, show us what we can hope for next season, and end the remaining games with a 71% win ratio. Wow! That would really create some excitement for next year.

      I'm with you. Give Dickerson a shot at 1B. Put Miller in LF. They need to keep Alex Cobb in the minors the rest of this year. He's pitched poorly at Charlotte and Durham. It seems to have take Moore at least 1/2 a season to recover from TJ surgery. But if they really want that #1 pick, they can bring Cobb up and know they'll get 4-6 losses. What the heck!

      It's still the BULLPEN. Hardly anything there. Very bad. They've got to find some good arms for next year or 2018 when they'll want to make a strong run for the playoffs.


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