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The GBT - The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

Red Sox 4, RAYS 0 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: Evan Longoria is still good at baseball. While the rest of the team can’t hit, pitch, or field their way out of a Little League World Series regional tournament, Longo continues to have what could end up being a career year. We should probably also enjoy it while it lasts. If ever there was a time to trade Longo it is now. His value is peaking. He is starting to get old. If the right offer comes along, the Rays have to think about it.

THE BAD: The Rays are now 3-22 in their last 25 games. That’s bad. But even worse, the Rays are 14-35 in their last 49 games. That is nearly one-third of the season. That is the equivalent of going 46-116 over a full season. Only three teams in MLB history have lost more than 115 games in a season and the Rays have now played that poorly for nearly one-third of the season. In some ways, this is worse than what the Tigers did in 2003 (43-119). Unlike those other teams, this Rays team was supposed to be good. Or at the very least these Rays were supposed to be playoff contenders. Instead they look like the Devil Rays.

THE TELLING: The Rays have demoted Hank Conger to triple-A. No word yet on who will be taking his place…Kevin Kiermaier is expected to rejoin the team after the break…[Pawtucket 4, Durham 1] The Bulls managed just 4 hits. Taylor Motter was 1-4 with a double and Richie Shaffer went 0-2 with a pair of walks.


  • Oswaldo Arcia says he was pulling the ball too much with the Twins and that Derek Shelton is trying to get him to use the entire field. [Fangraphs]
  • Evan Longoria on the Rays’ troubles: “I don’t think it’s a lack of effort,” team leader Evan Longoria said. “I don’t think it’s a lack of preparation. I don’t think it’s a lack of care … At times, it was sloppy play. And at times, we just didn’t play good enough.” [TampaBay.com]
  • A look at the Bay Area’s traffic problem and how that will impact the Rays’ hopes of a new stadium. [Tampa Bay Baseball Market]
  • Here is a story on how Evan Longoria is sacrificing contact for power. [NumberFire]




  1. Jim says:

    Cork, if you were part of the Rays organization, Kevin Cash would bench you for a complete lack of effort.

    Seriously, what gives, is this site an afterthought for you now?

    • Casey says:

      Obviously he needs another writer andlife is a bit too busy...

    • Ken H says:

      How much news of interest can a 3-22 team generate?

      • Jim says:

        This site has slacked off for the entire year. there has been 3 or 4 game lulls in the GBT on more than one occasion this year.

        hey i was fine when Cork took time away in previous years, but if you've been on this site for a while, then it is pretty obvious that Raysindex has taken a back seat.to Cork's other ventures. You gotta follow the money.

  2. Dave L says:

    Start your own profitable website Jim. Fill the void with your fascinating views and attract advertisers to support your interest.

    • Jim says:

      No desire to run a blog.

      Sooo sorry for calling out Cork or whoever for slacking off and this website. Who knows maybe it’s a huge $ loser. RI is a hobby/passion and I would expect that BI pays the bills, so he has to put his time on BI. One thing for sure, with regulars noticing the lack of effort in the posts and the performance of the Rays, the clicks aren’t going to go up.


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