Evan Longoria just killed a baseball. Funeral services will be held later this evening.

Longoria hit two home runs on Sunday in the win over the Orioles, but it was the second one that has Rays fans buzzing.

The moon shot would have landed past the Ducky’s patio beyond the center field wall if not for the D-ring. The ball actually appeared to hit the large support above the D-ring, before falling on to the catwalk and then eventually down on to the field.


Here is a replay.

The longest home run hit at The Trop this season was 453 feet by Corey Dickerson, a ball that hit the back wall in right field. We have also seen home runs land on top of the center field batter’s eye. But this one seemed to have all of those beat.

Here is the Dickerson home run against the Blue Jays.



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    So who can do an analysis of this team? The "fabulous pitching staff" has been sub-par and the hitters haven't hit when needed. Corey Dickerson hit over .300 at Colorado but has struggled to get above .200 in Tampa Bay. Brad Miller and Morrison couldn't hit their weights for the fist 1/3 of the season and the bullpen has been AWOL. All the excitement has gone out of KK in center. The only two consistent bright spots on this team have been Evan Longoria at 3rd and Colome finishing off a game. This is a relatively young team. Can they pull it together this year or 2017 and become a winning team?


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