Tim Beckham continues his surprising power surge and the latest is evidence that all these home runs are no fluke.

With the Rays up 4-1 in the 8th inning against the A’s on Friday, Beckham launched a ball that didn’t land until it hit the Captain Morgan Party Deck in left-center.

According to the ESPN home run tracker, the ball had a “true distance” of 464 feet, the sixth-longest home run hit in MLB this season.

That is a long home run.

Beckham now has 5 home runs in just 85 at bats. Over the course of a full season, that would translate to 30-35 home runs. And keep in mind that Beckham also had a home run robbed by the Blue Jays and had another fly ball hit the top of the wall and bounce back.

But is it a fluke? Beckham has never shown this kind of power before. Only once in seven minor league seasons did he hit more than six home runs in a year and that was 12 back in 2011. On top of that, we’ve seen tons of hitters get hot and hit five home runs in fewer than 90 at bats. It doesn’t mean they are a power hitter.

But this home run is different. Sure, a lot of hitters can hit five home runs. But it takes a special hitter to hit a ball 464 feet.

Take a look at the list of hitters who have hit a home run at least 450 feet this season:

  1. Alex Rodriguez (also at The Trop) — 477 feet
  2. Giancarlo Stanton — 475 feet
  3. Giancarlo Stanton — 474 feet
  4. Josh Donaldson — 469 feet
  5. Giancarlo Stanton — 467 feet
  6. Tim Beckham — 464 feet
  7. Edwin Encarnacion — 463 feet
  8. Steven Souza — 463 feet
  9. Carlos Gonzalez — 461 feet
  10. Starling Marte — 460 feet
  11. Ryan Howard — 454 feet
  12. Giancarlo Stanton — 454 feet
  13. Adrian Gonzalez — 453 feet
  14. Bryce Harper — 452 feet
  15. Mark Trumbo — 451 feet
  16. Evan Gattis — 450 feet
  17. Pedro Alvarez — 450 feet
  18. Joc Pederson — 450 feet

Every other player on that list is either a legit power hitter or a very good hitter or both.

A player can get “lucky” and get a few home runs bunched together. But hitting a ball 464 feet is not the result of luck, it is the result of big-time bat speed.

When a player has legit bat speed, their fly balls travel farther, their line drives are hit harder, and their groundballs get through the infield faster. A player with legit bat speed decreases the amount of area that a defender can defend and still make an out. The hitter will get more hits than a similar player with slower bat speed.

Is Beckham going to be a legit power hitter or a very good hitter or both? Nobody would have predicted that two months ago. Beckham was actually sent back to the minors after the game, a move that was more about numbers than talent. But after seeing what he did last night, maybe it is time to start rethinking what we thought we knew about Beckham.



  1. Chris Wise says:

    And just think, we get to see if he can do it at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park! How nice of the Rays...

  2. Gus says:

    Nick Franklin up Becks down makes no sense.

    • OriginalTom says:

      Funny Gus, I remember someone on this site call Beckham a bust after the 2013 season because he only hit 4 home runs.

      • Gus says:

        Fully acknowledged I doubted Beckham ever sticking. But the guy has produced huge in his limited opportunities in 2015. He deserves a shot to prove the world wrong. Baseball should be a meritocracy.

        Hopefully he makes it back soon and we all can see what kind of major leaguer he is (or is not). He's been in Durham longer than Coach K.

        • OriginalTom says:

          My initial comment came out a little more snarky than I intended and I apologize for that.

          My point is I believe many fans overreact to small samples. Becks has had lots of clutch hits in the first 6 weeks but he has also struck out quite a bit and was 6 for 42 (yes I know small sample LOL) before being sent down. Perhaps the Rays FO has more information than we do about their players.

  3. Dave L says:

    Congrats to Beckham on his first successful stint in big leagues.

    He proved he could come off the bench and contribute and in Durham he will get a chance to play everyday and I'm sure the Rays will have some things for him to work on. He looks like he has the tools to contribute to a winning MLB club probably not as an everyday player but as role player, which everyone will always need. His attitude was excellent and although he sat on the bench more than anytime in his life he was able to come through in clutch situations more than his overall numbers would indicate. His speed quickness and defense seem pretty ordinary but if he can develop a steadiness that will make him valuable.

    I am so glad he changed his narrative amongst Rays fans as the old one had become hackneyed.

    He will be back soon.

  4. Rob says:

    Sending him down now makes no sense.

  5. Ken says:

    Curious up and down move by the brass considering Romero gets shopped out after one appearance. Cabby/Franklin gotta start to mojo or else. Timmy just too valuable to waste at AAA.

  6. edward williams says:

    ok what is the big deal with franklin. I know about the trade, but if I remember correctly , (memory is going so just tell me If im wrong lol) his numbers weren't very good to begin with. when I think I understand what this team is doing I find out that I am wrong, oh well it has been exciting so far.

    • Ken says:

      FO being a little cautious here. Franklin's out of options and a 1/3 of the Price deal. I'm thinking they're still committed to a good outcome. Agreed his numbers look pretty bad. I'm not a fan from what I see so far. We'll know more in a month. If Beck hits the snot out of the ball at Durham while Cabby and Franklin still struggle, it's push come to shove time.

      • Dave L says:

        If Franklin is out of options then this move is a no brainer. Lets give the guy a chance in a Rays uni. He has like 60 PA only with us total so they can't trade for a guy and dump him that quick. Forsythe was not impressive for his first 100 or so AB's with us.

        Plus Franklin is a switch hitter so with getting limited playing time trying to get his timing down from both sides of the plate isn't easy.

        Guyer should be playing everyday and with his plus fielding, base running and bat he is overall our best RH outfielder right now IMO. With Sousa getting hurt he will get a chance to play alot. He should be in left field against lefties and right against righties if they continue to platoon Dejesus.

        I dont like Joey B starting in the outfield, I feel more comfortable with him as a DH or bat off the bench.

        Who will now start against LHP? Butler or will David D get a shot? Hes only had 3 PA and got 1 hit so that looks like it might not happen.


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