Steven SouzaSteven Souza tied a franchise record (again) on Thursday when struck out 4 times against the Oakland A’s and now leads Major League Baseball with 62 strikeouts.

It was Souza’s third 4-strikeout game of the season and his fifth game with at least three Ks.

What is more disturbing is that Souza is on pace to do something never before seen in Major League Baseball.

The MLB record for strikeouts in a season is 223. Only 4 players in MLB history have struck out 200 times in a season.

Souza is on pace to strikeout *clears throat* 239 TIMES!

Up until 2004, the MLB record for strikeouts in a season was 189 (Bobby Bonds in 1970). Souza is on pace to have 50 more than that.

If he continues to play everyday he is going to shatter the record, a very dubious record.

Here are the 6 times a player has struck out 200 times in a season:

  1. Mark Reynolds, ARI, 2009 — 223
  2. Adam Dunn, CHW, 2012 — 222
  3. Chris Carter, HOU, 2013 — 212
  4. Mark Reynolds, ARI, 2010 — 211
  5. Drew Stubbs, CIN, 2011 — 205
  6. Mark Reynolds, ARI, 2008 — 204

Yes, strikeouts in baseball are up, but there can be too many. Those four players have combined to play 36 seasons and have a grand total of two All-Star appearances, both by Dunn.



  1. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    No worries, ol' Shelty will straighten him right out.. *sarcasm*

  2. Charles says:

    I am constantly amazed that Mark Reynolds not only keeps finding work, but keeps finding work with National League teams who have to put him in the field.

    • Alex says:

      Why does it amaze you that he keeps finding work? He's never hit below 20 home runs in a season minus his rookie season. He has 227 career home runs. Yes he strikes out and doesn't hit for a great average, but he still has pop. He also has 58 career steals. His defense at first isn't horrendous.

      Why Souza continues to hit second is baffling to me. Forysthe or DeJesus should be hitting in the two hole

      • Charles says:

        I guess it's because he's not really better than other guys who have never had the number of chances he had. Aside from a couple of great seasons, he's been a really average at best player. And he is pretty terrible in the field (career -66 defensive runs saved). But one thing I misremembered that nukes my argument is that he's been pretty cheap. For his cost, I agree that he's worth running out there & hoping for homers.

  3. Gus says:

    I'd have him bunt his first AB tonight; you can see from the picture and from every at bat -- the guy is grinding so hard right now and it is in his head; he has options, I think -- maybe calling Mahtook up and sending Souza down for a breather is the right call here. Certainly slotting him lower in the order is called for.

    Is Bobby Wilson a better catcher than Rivera right now? I figure Cash the former catcher would not be slow to make a change there -- none of the nerds upstairs can really challenge him on the catching, can they?

  4. edward williams says:

    I have been wondering why he keeps hitting second also. You would think that he should be moved down, but I guess they have their reasons. I think he will be a great hitter but maybe batting second isn't the place for him. Hey Mr. Smith I like that , Shelty will straighten him out. Maybe that is the problem. I have given up on trying to figure out this team , as long as they keep winning I am happy. GO RAYS!!!!!!!

  5. monte says:

    Souza is probably in the #2 spot because of his speed. I agree with all you guys. I would suggest moving him to the #9 spot (speed is good there too), or sending him down to Durham to practice connecting with the ball.

  6. big mo says:

    I am surprised that he is still playing in the field. He is a liability in the outfield and on the base path. He should be a spot starter and more of of a bat coming of the bench. That seems to be his value at this point.

  7. Starmand says:

    He can take his time. He's coming from the other league and it takes a while to get used to the new pitchers he faces, both in the Majors and minors. That's a lot more common than having a player come out to a new league and play like a superstar. They struggle, i.e., Pat the Bat.

    He just needs to relax. And by the end of the year ( I predict again with help from Miss Cleo's psychic insight) Souza will be one of the top hitters in the club. And if he is not...I can always blame Miss Cleo.

  8. RAW says:

    Souza right now is not ready for major league pitching, maybe sending him down for a while would help. He should not be batting second.


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