The season is not even one game old and the Rays can now add two more players, John Jaso and Burch Smith, to their list of wounded which already includes six players on the disabled list.

After walking to lead off the bottom of the first, John Jaso attempted to move up to second base on a ball in the dirt and appeared to jam his wrist when the fielder blocked the base with his leg.


Jaso left the field holding his arm gingerly and was immediately taken to the clubhouse by the trainer. He was later replaced in the lineup by David DeJesus.

The good news is that the x-rays were negative but we will have to wait to see how long he is out.

We also learned before the game that starting pitcher prospect Burch Smith will need Tommy John surgery and is out for the year. Smith was part of the Wil Myers trade and was expected to provide the Rays with depth at triple-A Durham.



  1. Drew S says:

    Don't know why more guys slide feet-first into second. Fielders are more often than not putting their foot or entire lower leg in front of the bag to block it. If I'm a base stealer that's something I'm scouting out before the game and exploiting.

  2. Dave L says:

    John Jaso, who was noted to be one bump on the noggin from being out of MLB the day he was acquired, employs a head first slide.

    Most incredible is that the Rays allowed him to continue to use that technique.

    Bad luck and injuries can be rationalized by a fan looking for explanations. Stupidity cannot.

  3. My question about the attempted steal is why would lead pants Jaso even attempt to steal.

    • Ted Sheckler says:

      It wasn't really an attempted steal, it was a pitch in the dirt that didn't get very far away from the catcher. If Jaso had been safe it would have been called a wild pitch. He wouldn't have been given credit for a stolen base.

    • Geoff Peterson says:

      Jaso is not slow and in his last stint with the Rays was known for his savvy on the basepaths. Had he not been blocked, he likely would have been safe. Look for that SS to get plunked at some point in this series and for Buck to cry about it.


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