The 2015 Tampa Bay Rays are projected to win 82.6 games and have a 37.0% chance of making the playoffs based on the average of three popular projection system.

The three projection systems (PECOTA, Fangraphs, CAIRO) project the statistics for all players and then simulate the season thousands of times. Here is how many games the Rays win on average in each system.


While the Rays are slightly behind the Blue Jays in terms of games won, they are actually ahead of Toronto when it comes to how often they make the playoffs in the simulations.


Of course, to no surprise, the projections have the Rays as the top pitching staff in the AL East.


But last in runs scored…



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  1. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    I wonder which metric(s) used/weighted by FanGraphs brings them (the Rays) so much lower than the other 2.


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