Tropicana FieldThe Tampa Bay Rays will get three extra “home” games this season as the Orioles today announced that this weekend’s series will be moved to Tropicana Field due to the ongoing unrest in Baltimore.

The Orioles will play the games as the home team and officially the games will be listed as “road” games for the Rays in the standings.

There was some discussion of swapping series with a 3-game set in July being moved up to Camden Yards. However, that is not going to happen.



  1. Rob says:

    The Orioles are also playing the White Sox tomorrow in an empty stadium in Baltimore (public is not invited). That game plus the three here this weekend means the O's are experiencing Trop-like conditions 4 extra times this year. (Sorry, I hate discussing attendance, but couldn't resist).

    • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

      Based on what we saw yesterday, they'll experience "Trop-like conditions" every time they play in NY too, but that won't be mentioned on The Network.

  2. edward williams says:

    Or the royals and Indians only having 9000 and change, had an discussion with a red sox fan the other day, he said that this isn't a baseball market, lol I told him that we should get rid of all the spring training games around here and the minor league teams. I can't believe I am going to talk about this but here goes, he (red sox fan, who by the way lives here) also mentioned montreal , but because I am a little older than he is I forgave him , I mentioned to him that I guess he forgot how bad the attendance was in montreal when the expos where there. What aggravates me is the pure dislike for this area, I am from northern nj, grew up a mets fan , followed them until the rays came here, now I don't follow them at all. I can't see why people can't leave there allegiance, heck even if you don't stop trying to get rid of baseball from this area, remember if the rays leave so does what ever team you root for. Ok that is it I am just going to enjoy the rays, and ignore all the rest of the bs, that goes with being a rays fan. GO RAYS !!!!

    • monte says:

      I grew up a Braves fan and was seriously devoted to them until about 10 years ago when I switched my affection to the Rays. I have a 78 year old friend who grew up in New England and was a rabid Yankees fan for most of his life. He too switched to the Rays about 8 or 10 years ago.

  3. Rob says:

    If the O's and Sox are playing in an empty stadium, I propose they replace first base with a fire hydrant, second base with a manhole cover, third with a no-parking sign and use someone's extra glove as home plate. Then around the top of the sixth, they have to call the game because the only guy with a ball gets called home to eat dinner.

  4. Gus says:

    Again -- open up the Trop and have an open house party this weekend. Maybe the drive won't be so bad from Brandon if you know you've got freebies. Wouldn't it be refreshing to see some kids in the expensive seats, and not some overweight 55 year old blowhard fan of the visiting team?

    It will be quite a shuffle to get all the Rays employees staffed up for the weekend. Glad to see the Rays stepping up.

    • Ted Sheckler says:

      These are Orioles home games. They are responsible for the expenses and receiving the revenues as if they were being played in Baltimore. Giving away tickets would be Baltimore's decision. MLB isn't taking away 3 home games worth of money from the Orioles and giving it to the Rays.

      • monte says:

        Will the prices be Orioles ticket prices? What about Orioles season ticket holders? Where do they sit?

        • Ted Sheckler says:

          The Orioles set the prices at $15 for Friday and Sunday, and $18 for Saturday. Sounds like that is for all seats.


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