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Major League Baseball has this weird thing they do where they celebrate “Opening Day” in some cities, “Opening Week” in other cities, and even “Opening Series” in some situations. Each of the honors carries it’s own logo which leads to weird situations where teams will still have the “Opening Day” logo when it is no longer Opening Day.

Well, this year the Rays have decided to go with the “Opening Series” logo (above), completing what is likely a rare trifecta. From the best of our research this is the first time the Rays have used this phrase, having opted for “Opening Day” or “Opening Week” in years before.

Last year the Rays went with “Opening Day.”

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In 2013, it was “Opening Week” when they faced the Orioles to start the season.

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In 2012, it was “Opening Day.”

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In 2011, it was “Opening Week.”

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2010 it was “Opening Day.”

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In 2009, it was “Opening Week.”


2008 was “Opening Day.”


2007 was also “Opening Day.”


And so was 2006. At this point I got tired of looking and it seemed like “Opening Day” was pretty standard.



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    The photographic evidence is damning. I smell a Pulitzer in this for you, Cork.


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