I was looking through Pinterest when I came across a photo uploaded by Rays fan William Ulbricht. It comes from the Rays’ “Big Leaguer for a Day” event at The Trop last June.

The thing that obviously stands out is Hall of Famer Goose Gossage is wearing Rays cap with a yellow TB and a sky blue brim. I could be wrong, but it does appear to be the official 59fifty game model.


What makes this curious is the underbrim. If those are indeed 59fiftys, they are old. New Era stopped using grey underbrims a few years ago and switched to black.

It is a little strange to have everybody wearing official jerseys (notice the unevenly spaced buttons) but not wearing official caps.  Was this a cap that the Rays intended at one point to be an alternate?

Here is another photo of Gossage from the same event. It is a little jarring to see Goose in a Rays uniform.



  1. Kevin says:

    The under brims look like they are yellow to me, although I don't think that'd make them any more official.

  2. Alex says:

    That under brim is yellow not gray

  3. MocScott says:

    They gave them to all of us! They are brand new and pretty cool. Im definetly wearing mine this year!


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