If you like this Rays team, that is good. Because outside of possibly trading David Price before next season, the lineup and the starting pitchers are all probably going to be here for a while.

Below is a look at the Rays’ regular lineup along with the top six starting pitchers and how long the Rays can keep those players under their current contracts or service time status.


Matt Joyce, David Price, and Ben Zobrist can all be free agents after the 2015 season, However, it is hard to imagine Zobrist would leave.

Outside of Price, the Rays’ next five starting pitchers can potentially be kept together through the 2016 season and Matt Moore, Chris Archer, and Jake Odorizzi may still be pitching together in the 2019 season.

If we assume Zobrist re-signs at some point, most of the lineup will stay together through the 2016 season, with only Joyce potentially leaving. Of course, the Rays also have Brandon Guyer to fill that void.

In other words, the Rays don’t have any glaring needs in the near future. They can always upgrade and add to the farm system. But in the next couple of off-seasons, there team won’t be desperate to add any pieces outside of the bullpen, something they thrive at.



  1. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    Do you think the team will try to tie-up Zobrist in the near future? I think they have an option year in 2015, but it would seem that they may want to lengthen him a.s.a.p.

  2. Dave L says:

    All these guys are locked up but just think--- BJ Upton is making more per year than any of them, Even Longo.

    Zobrist won't come cheap although he's 33 next month and almost 34 when his option is up.

    Someone else may offer him more years than us.His agent isnt just taking the Rays temperature. Remember the Rays are as sentimental as a broken beer bottle when it comes to contracts and Zobrist is rated as high as the 3rd most valuable 2nd baseman in MLB right now.

    Loney and Escobar (and Jennings) are not nearly as valued at thier respective positions more like 8th to 12th-- they are much easier to lock up.

    Someone else may be willing to pay for his age 34 to 38(or 39) seasons based on his 27-32 production but not necessarily the Rays.

  3. Beezy says:

    Zorilla playing for another team? That will suck to see happen!


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