inside_patio_full_2000x1145The Rays announced more details about the renovations to The Trop that are currently underway.

The biggest changes will be opening up the batter’s eye restaurant into a patio bar area that overlooks center field (see right). There will also be a deck area over the rays tank. Also, several rows of seats have been removed from the outfield bleachers to produce a walkway circling the field that allows fans to continue watching the game as they move around.

You can see more renderings below.


  • Jose Lobaton is still with the Rays for now. Marc Topkin says Lobatron “could be going to the White Sox.” [Marc Topkin]
  • Ken Rosenthal explains why the Rays would want Heath Bell despite his struggles on the field as well as with teammates and fans in Arizona. [Fox Sports]
  • The Yankees gave Jacoby Ellsbury a $153 million contract which is a bad sign for the Rays and the rest of the AL East. Maybe the Yankees overpaid. But more importantly, it means the Yankees may be back to being the Yankees. [BI Sports]
  • Scott Kazmir went from pitching in an independent league to signing a 2-year, $22 million contract with the A’s. [Jim Bowden]
  • Kelly Johnson is set to sign a 1-year contract with the Yankees for about $3 million. [Joel Sherman]
  • Several Rays have been nominated for social media awards. []

Here is a view of the Rays360 deck above the rays tank…


Here is a look in the opposite direction…


And here is a look from the field…

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  1. Alex says:

    I like that a lot. Looks sharp

  2. phil says:

    Now if they can do something about the roof...

  3. Gus says:

    Phil: Your comment gets at something that I've never understood. Look at those catwalks in the renderings -- it seems to me the catwalks could be improved by making the walkways retractable or otherwise minimizing the profile on the catwalks to decrease the change of a ball hitting something when on the rare occasion a ball in hit up there. I think the base support by the rings doesn't need a walkway, for example.

    In my view, the management have always played with the silly ground rule and the catwalks as is because they want to deem the stadium unfit, and as a baseball stadium, that is the only thing that is unfit about it. (Putting aside fan amenities, sightllines, location etc.)

  4. Joe says:

    Who not remove the concrete outfield wall and replaces with glass? It would provide a nice view and more of an outside feel.


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