Last night was “Turn Back the Clock” night which meant the Rays were once again wearing their gorgeous 1970s faux throwbacks.

As part of the uniform, all of the players wore high-cuffed pants with navy stirrups and gold sanitary socks (a nice touch). And while some players on other teams opt-out of the high-cuffed look during throwback games, it appeared everybody went high-cuffed for the Rays.

That includes George Hendrick, who as a player is widely credited for having started the pajama (long) pants look that that is so popular now.

George Hendrick

I assume Hendrick also went high-cuffed last year but I have been unable to find visual proof.



  1. Dave L says:

    I like the solid colored socks with the stirrups. The striped ones remind me of what we wore in gym class in the '70s. Not a good look in my opinion.

    In case anyone is wondering SRod owns Danks with a 1.615 OPS and Luke even though he's a lefty has a .980 OPS against the southpaw.

    Yunel is 4 for 6. Its amazing everytime I look up Yunels head to head he seems to own every starting pitcher in MLB. Its just a coincidence I know since I only check it once a week or so.

    On paper we should win this game. Of course its played on the turf so lets see what happens. On any given day is true in basball like no ther sport thats why its the best game of all.

    • Ken says:

      Good points on SRod and Scott. If we're going to win this this division Scott has to hit both lefties and righties. Glad to see Lobo getting back to back starts.
      Any thoughts on whether or not the Rays might pick up a ballplayer during July? I'd still like to see another RH bat with some power but there's not a lot of cheap options out there. Plus don't know whether the Rays would give up on Fuld or SRod. Marlon Byrd of the Mets might be an interesting rental. He's cheap, having a good year, played in the AL before and you would think that the player cost would be minimal.


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