With the signing of James Loney and the trade for Yunel Escobar, the opening day roster is starting to come together, and the number of spots eligible for upgrade are starting to dwindle. Here’s a look at what the roster might look like if the season started today. Notes on the projection are below…

LINEUP: With the addition of Yunel Escobar, it now looks like Ben Zobrist can back to playing second base versus righties and right field versus lefties with Ryan Roberts and Matt Joyce playing the other two spots in that menage-a-platoon. If you are looking for spots where the Rays can still upgrade the offense, the most likely spots are left field, where Sam Fuld and Brandon Guyer are penciled in, and DH, where everybody is penciled in. A Luke Scott-Alfonso Soriano mix at DH and in the OF would look nice.

BENCH: Two of the spots are spoken for with one-half of the catcher platoon and one-third of the RF-2B mix. The other two spots depend on what happens in the lineup, but Sam Fuld and Sean Rodriguez  are the most likely candidates.

ROTATION: Obviously this depends on whether or not somebody is traded. If somebody goes, Alex Cobb is the most likely addition although you can make a strong case for Chris Archer.

BULLPEN: With the trade of Burke Badenhop, it would appear that six of the seven spots are spoken for. There has been some talk of bringing back Kyle Farnsworth or JP Howell, but neither seems likely. More likely it will be some free agent that nobody else wants and comes in on a cheap contract.



  1. phil says:

    Should wait until Shields or Hell boy is traded...

  2. Joe says:

    Yeah um, that DH slot...wow

    Back to work boys

  3. b says:

    Still have a need for a full-time DH. Alex Torres may be in line for that last bullpen spot. Maybe Hickey can fix him and let him get some mop up duty he is out of options I believe.

  4. J 2.0 says:

    Cork, any word on who the Rays would be acquring in this 4 team carousel?

  5. KGK says:

    There has to be another trade, if not Brignac and Johnson have to be on opening day roster because they both don't have any options left.

  6. Alex says:

    I doubt the Rays get a full time DH. They want power but I'd bet they are more likely to get an Outfielder or another 1B rather than a full time DH. Keep in mind that Longo is going to DH at least once a week if not more. The rays wont want someone that can't play another position.

  7. Dave L says:

    Bye kepp we hardly knew ye!

    3 years 13mil White Sox

    • Beth says:

      I consider that good news, as apparently the Yankees were after him as well. What's bad for the Yankees is good for us.

  8. phil says:

    No over the hill DH ..just rotate players into the position!


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