When we first broke the news that the Rays were considering a switch from FieldTurf to AstroTurf for the 2011 season, the Rays told us they were “studying the possibility of AstroTurf’s offer.” Well it turns out that the “offer” was too good to pass up.

How good? Free.

Robert Trigauz reports that the Rays and Blue Jays got their new fields for free. When Major League Baseball asked FieldTurf if they would make a similar offer, FieldTurf said “no thanks.”

And now that 100 percent of the artificial turf fields in MLB are AstroTurf, it shows that 100 percent of the decision makers at FieldTurf are idiots. It was two fields! FieldTurf couldn’t sacrifice turf for two fields to have the publicity of being the only turf of MLB? Idiots.


  • Marc Topkin says JP Howell has added “nearly 30 pounds of mostly muscle.” [The Heater]
  • Here is an interesting and fun look at the history of the Rays’ Spring Training roster sizes and how this year stacks up to previous years. [The Ray Area]
  • Dan Wheeler talks about moving to the other side of the Rays-Red Sox rivalry. [ESPN Boston]
  • There is a high school in the Virgin Islands with “Devil Rays” as a mascot. Apparently they didn’t get the memo from Matt Silverman. [Ivanna Eudora Kean HS]




  1. John says:

    30 pounds of muscle? Oh Noes! Does this mean that JP is (gulp...) in the BEST SHAPE OF HIS LIFE???

    This does not bode well.

    • Sarah says:

      But note that they said 30 pound of MOSTLY muscle. What's the rest -- flab? Hair?

      • Andy says:

        There's no way anyone adds 30lbs of muscle in that time frame. I'd take the "mostly" to mean he added 15-20 lbs of muscle, and the rest fat (Though you can do this and be in much batter shape than when you started training).

  2. John says:

    Hey, 'member that time Scott Kazmir added 20 pounds of muscle in 2009? Good times...

    (Sorry if this is only funny to me. The oak pollen is kicking my ass, and the meds make me a little loopy.)

  3. Derek says:

    As long as the players like it; Im not too worried.

    Howell's going to be a beast this year.

    The "Benoit" of 2011, if you will.

  4. leningan says:

    got to walk on the turf yesterday... it is nice, just like (plastic) grass. They hadn't finished with the in-fill so it wasn't the softest yet, but I think it will be just fine. Plus it looks a million times better than the carpet we used to have. If only they could make it smell freshly cut...

  5. MJ says:

    30 lbs of mostly muscle in less than a year???? what? who they hell is this guys trainer/dietitian?

    • John says:

      Anna Bollick Stare-Roid.

      Come on, somebody had to say it...

      • Derek says:

        I dont see why the league would test a guy who is on the 60 day dl, so he could have, and if he did, he would use HGH. Its less detectable, and helps with the healing process.

        • MJ says:

          Interesting, I think you could argue being on the 60 day DL might trigger testing since playeres have down time for workouts and are rehabbing.

  6. Mike G. says:

    From what I understand, the average person can only add15-20 pounds of muscle in a year. And Howell added 30 in the last 6 months. I'm throwing up the bullshit flag.

    • Derek says:

      Average people work at Walmart. I dont consider athletes "average" That being said, I doubt 30 pounds is anything more than a bluff.

  7. Gus says:

    I think 10 of the 30 pounds is his hair.

  8. John says:

    Did he get married? I think 18 pounds of it could be ball & chain.

  9. Did that school's website really have Obama on the front page?! *facepalm*


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