The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

A’s 7, RAYS 6 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: Don’t look now, but Brandon Guyer is now starting every game even if he doesn’t have a defined role and suddenly his bat is red-hot. Guyer has start six straight games and during that stretch he has started games in left field, DH, and yesterday in right field (he also has three starts in center field this year). During that stretch, Guyer has 9 hits and has been on base 12 times. On Sunday he really stepped up, hitting 2 home runs (off of a right-handed starter) and also had a sac-fly while driving in 5 of the Rays’ 6 runs. Here are the two home runs.

THE BAD: With Alex Colome pitching the 8th inning and Brad Boxberger pitching in the minors on Sunday, Kevin Cash was left with Xavier Cedeno and Steve Geltz to close the game in the 9th inning and it all backfired. After Cedeno got the lefty Chris Coghlan and the switch-hitting Coco Crisp Cash left Cedeno in for the switch-hitting Billy Burns who is a better hitter from the right side. He doubled. Cash then went to Geltz who promptly gave up a 2-run home run and the lead. A lot has been made of Cash not walking Valencia with first base open after he had already hit 2 home runs in the game. But that is not ideal since you don’t want to put the go-ahead run on base unless absolutely necessary. Rather, the bigger mistake was probably leaving Cedeno in to face Burns in the previous at bat.

THE TELLING: Danny Farquhar has been placed on optional waivers by the Rays meaning he will remain on the 40-man roster despite being sent down to Durham. Taylor Motter was called up to take his spot. Motter has played 2B, 3B, and outfield for the Bulls this year. He will give the Rays depth at 2B with Logan Forsythe on the DL and expected to miss 4 weeks…Brad Boxberger began a rehab assignment over the weekend, throwing a scoreless inning for high-A Charlotte on Sunday. Boxberger started the game, and did give up a hit and a walk, but did strike out one…Former Rays prospect Matt Bush has been called up by the Rangers just 7 months after being released from prison. He was at the center of a huge controversy on Sunday as he hit Jose Baustista which led to a big brawl later on.


  • The Stephen Strasburg contract could actually turn into a huge win for the Rays. [BI Sports]
  • TOPPS has made a baseball card commemorating Matt Andriese’s 2-hit shutout on Sunday. The card can be ordered until 2pm today. [TOPPS]
  • Here is long-winded story complaining about Blake Snell and service time that is so wrong it is laughable. When Snell was called up had nothing to do with service time since he was immediately sent back down. He is no longer accruing service time while back in Durham, so the Rays could have called him up a day earlier and it wouldn’t have mattered. Also, the Rays didn’t need a starting pitcher the day before, so nice try, Vice Sports. Wow. [Vice Sports]
  • Two years after Tommy John surgeries seemingly became an epidemic, they are way down this year. [FiveThityEight]




  1. Jim says:

    What's going on with the site? it's gone from daily updates to once a series updates? is the the "new" raysindex or what?

    • B says:

      "We remember the glory days of getting both the low-down before the ballgame & the scoop the following day from our great writing journalist..."

  2. Ken says:

    How many times have we all heard our crack TV analyst say there's one guy in the lineup you never let beat you? On that note, how many times did our ex-manager walk Bryce Harper last week to avoid that very circumstance? The "never put the leading run on base" adage is a garbage excuse. Geltz had no business pitching to a guy who had destroyed our pitching all weekend. Cash, and or, the folks upstairs need to be held accountable. Why in the heck was Erasmo, Cash's declared high leverage pitcher, thrust in the lineup in the 6TH inning with a 2 run lead? Cash and the Silverman brain trust continue to prove themselves inept at bullpen management, roster management and lineup management. LoMo can't be released because they'd be paying 12 million to 1B players not on the roster. Jennings should have been sent to Durham two weeks ago. Geltz needs to go NOW. Rays fans deserve better.

    • Ken says:

      One more note, Khris Davis (hitting behind Valencia) had faced Geltz twice career wise and struck out both times. So much for the Rays metric geniuses.

    • Rob says:

      Melvin had all of his fingers and toes crossed that Cash would let Geltz pitch to Valencia. If Cash just asked himself what the other manager would want him to do, he would have realized an intentional walk was the right call. If your opponent wants you to do something you should probably consider doing something else.

  3. Rob says:

    I am beginning to think that talent evaluation in the Rays organization is not very good.

    • Gus says:

      Well the big issues they needed to resolve in spring training -- 1B, LF and SS, they blew two of them so badly its laughable. The LoMo experience now in for an extended final run with Pearce at 2b (although Motter may solve that). Picking Jennings over Guyer looked mystifying at the time; confirmed now. Brad Miller at SS I guess was the best of a lot of poor options.

      How Cash brings in Geltz to pitch to Valencia is beyond explanation. A brain cloud on all levels.

      And speaking of brain clouds, how about Longoria forgetting to turn a possible inning ending double play because he forgot Crisp was on first base (about the most impossible guy to miss on the bases). Next batter -- 2 run HR. I like how Longo responded (HR) next inning, but that is a tough mental mistake out of Mr. Franchise.

  4. Ken J says:

    Remember when ?

    The ray's starting pitchers were supposed to be the best in the A.L.

    Everyone was screaming to bring up Desmond Jennings to replace B.J.

    Joe Maddon was criticized for his handling of relievers.

    Everyone said that if the rays hit more home runs they would win more games

    Everyone complained that James Loonet could only hit singles.

    Oh Well !


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