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The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

Dodgers 10, RAYS 5 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: Steve Pearce had his second multi-hit game in his last 4 starts. He also has 6 hits, 2 walks, and a hit-by-pitch in his last 18 plate appearances, including 2 home runs. Here is the home run he hit last night. It was fairly meaningless in this game, but a hitter like Pearce can get hot and this could be the start of a good streak.

THE BAD: Why did it have to be Scott Kazmir? There is a point where we would have salivated at the idea of Matt Moore going head-to-head with Kazmir. It would have been a huge advantage for the Rays. Instead, the now-veteran lefty, who once nearly pissed away his career with the Rays, comes back to the Trop and outduels Moore. A loss is a loss. But this one stings a little bit. To make matters worse, it sure seemed like Kid K was getting some help from the home-plate umpire. The Rays, one of the most aggressive hitting teams in MLB, went down looking 6 times. In other words, the Rays and the ump had a different view of the strikezone last night, especially inside. That being said, it seemed like he was at least consistent and after the first few you gotta know that pitch is being called.

THE TELLING: It was like a who’s who of former Rays. Andrew Friedman was in the building visiting old co-workers. Scott Kazmir started. JP Howell pitched in relief. Carl Crawford, the Dodgers’ $21 million pinch-hitter, came in to, you guessed it, pinch hit…Brad Boxberger will begin throwing batting practice this weekend…Newly retired Grant Balfour will throw out the first pitch on May 15.


  • Carl Crawford on his time with the Rays: “I played real aggressively on turf for nine years. I’m lucky I’m still walking the way I’m walking now. I’m still walking, at least.” [LA Times]
  • Joey Rickard, the Rays prospect lost in the Rule 5 draft to the Orioles, has come back down to Earth (of course). Unfortunately for the Rays, he has become a bit of a fan favorite in Baltimore so there is little chance he is going to be offered back to the Rays. [CamdenChat]
  • The Rays are No. 14 in the latest Power Ranking. On the plus-side, that is 10 spots ahead of the Yankees. [BI Sports]
  • Danny Farquhar talked to Fangraphs about the difference of pitching with the Rays: “They’re presenting me with more [data] than anyone I’ve been with. I think it’s a good thing. When things are going a little funky, you have this data to fall back on. I think of it as a tool, as kind of an extra set of eyes looking over my stuff.” [Fangraphs]




  1. Drew says:

    Kazmir's Called Strike Zone:

  2. Tyler Durden says:

    This team is treading water. Nothing more. Another season that lacks excitement. Cash doesn't inspire.

  3. Ken says:

    According to rumor LoMo was also handed pages upon pages of data when joining the club. Shelton praised his studiousness during spring training. Last weekend LoMo approached Shelton, complaining that pitchers weren't putting the ball where the stats said they should. Derrick replied "no worries" the data suggests that you're about to get hot. LoMo, still concerned, says "but what if I don't". Shelton then just shrugged his shoulders and said,"we'll dump you to a contender for a couple A ballers and you might just get lucky, look what happened with Jaso and SRod." His final word of advice..."Keep on Hacking".

  4. jim says:

    Please expand upon this statement......."who once nearly pissed away his career with the Rays.


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