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Blue Jays 5, RAYS 4 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: It will all be over soon. So let’s focus on fun stuff, like Chris Archer trying to invterview David Price prior to the series.

THE BAD: The loss on Sunday officially eliminated the Rays from the playoff race. Of course, it has been a while since the Rays really played a meaningful game, so this is just a technicality. The loss also guarantees that the Rays will not have a winning record for the second-straight season. The Rays are now 75-81, a half-game behind the Red Sox in last place in the AL East. The Rays have never finished in last place as the Rays, last finishing 5th in 2007 as the Devil Rays.

THE TELLING: The Rays started 6 rookies on Sunday…The loss was the 13th walk-off loss for the Rays this season. The Rays also have 8 losses this season when leading after 7 innings…Jake McGee returned to action for the first time since Aug. 21…The Rays have 6 games remaining starting on Tuesday with 3 against the Marlins and 3 against the Jays over the weekend.


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  • Only one MLB player makes the list of America’s favorite athletes and that guy isn’t even playing anymore, Derek Jeter. [BI Sports]
  • Well, things could be worse. At least the Rays aren’t the Nationals. [BI Sports]




  1. Gus says:

    The only upside is that the Blue Jays are getting this run out of their system in one year. With the age and the free agency on that team, this team won't look anything like the team the Rays will see to open the season next April. But they'll still be pretty salty as long as they keep Bautisita-Encanracion-Donaldson together; starting pitching is going be Stroman and pray for rain (I'm assuming Price ends up in LA, STL or NY).

  2. edward says:

    I'm hoping that price doesn't end up in new York, I grew up hating the Yankees, and always will. Not saying they didn't have great players, just grew up a mets fan, been a rays fan since the beginning , I know everybody says that, oh well. Next year is going to be interesting, it would be nice to see the ownership open the purse a little more, not asking for 100 million but to go out and get a bat. Maybe a name to go with it, I really haven't sat down to figure out who , but somebody that maybe the fringe fan would recognize. I truly think that the way the pitching staff was worked this year hurt the team more than anybody wants to say, and of course injuries didn't help. So I find myself in the same position as many years ago growing up in northern nj, and saying wait until next year, than the devil rays come and saying wait until next year. At least we had a few exciting years recently, sooooo wait until next year lol

  3. Dave L says:

    Im a little puzzled by the lineups.

    The Rays are out of it .500 as noted is impossible. If Cabrera and Loney are not in next years plans, why start them in a meaningless game against another losing team?

    If Beckham and Franklin really are in the running to be next years starting SS lets see them play some SS. I dont think either has the defensive consistancy to be an everyday SS, personally. Cabby has nothing to prove. He earned a multi year deal somewhere already. Methinks they will look for another rental at SS. Guy coming off down injury plagued year....same old story.

    At first let Shaffer play some more. Lefties are killing him but he has to get his chances as a RH batter.

    Who's the backup 3rd baseman next year? Let him play some in that spot.

    Id even go so far as to go reverse strengths in this series. Give the guys opposite platoons to get some hacks to prove they can do it.

    Im not greedy dont have to do all of the above, but at least some of it.

    The Jays series counts and they should play those by the books, but an interleague series between two bottom feeders?

    • edward says:

      I agree, they might as well see what they can do with the younger guys, mahtook should be playing next year. He is better than what we have so far in left field. As for souza, I don't say just give him right, he needs to earn it, I would have love to see what his numbers would have been if he didn't get injured. Not his fault just curious. I also agree with shafer, as much as I liked loney I think he isn't worth the 8 million I believe he is going to be payed next year. I can't believe I'm going to say this but I think they should somehow resign Cabrera , he isn't that old and from what I have read he is good in the club house and he is a lot better in the field than what we have, I still don't understand the fascination with franklin. isn't shafer a third baseman also. lots of questions for next year, and we all know that they won't spend anything which is ok if you can make your team better.


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