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The Rays beat the Orioles on Monday night 6-3, thanks in large part to Kevin Kiermaier’s incredible catch, robbing Manny Machado of a home run.

There are catches that rob home runs just over the fence. There are catches that “rob home runs” but really just rob a double or a triple as the ball was probably going to hit the wall. Kiermaier’s catch was neither of those, as the ball was going to easily clear the fence by 2-3 feet.

Chris Archer’s reaction was fantastic.

Here is the full video via MLB.



  1. Michael says:

    Meh, big deal. As some would say, "he is a flawed defender who just happens to be really fast and advanced defensive stats love a guy who can cover a lot of ground."


    • Gus says:

      That link is funny now. I'd go so far and say Keirmayer's 2015 season has been the greatest defensive season I've seen of any OF in the last 35 years or so. In terms of influencing a game on a nightly basis, maybe some of the SS (Ozzie, Vizquel) have been "better" because they get more tough chances. But his routes, his coverage and yes, even his arm, have been crazy good.

      He is now the face of the franchise, more exciting that a declining Longoria. Send him the Gold Glove today. Love to see such production out of a low round draft pick.

  2. Dave L says:

    The eyeball test and the metrics say KK is the best defensive player in the league by far in 2015.

    But I think Cork's 2015/07 posting still is relative in September.

    The best can still improve and while KK has a cannon arm, well now all of MLB knows it and that in itself can deter would be advancers to 3rd or home. Part of the usefulness of the big arm is knowing when to use it, when not to and when the threat that you have it is enough and Kevin has reached that level of respect im sure.

    But going forward the team would be better served by at times winding up the cannon arm then deftly hitting the cutoff man to prevent the taking of second rather than airmailing one to home always. Or at least making the throw to home lower which could be cutoff if need be.

    I dont know if they have a stat for runners advancing to 2nd on a useless moonshot to home. BJ use to lead the league in that stat and the ultra cautious Desmond with the glass arm almost never did it.

    Only Adam Jones is ahead of KK in runs saved by his arm this year by CF according to fangraphs, but his lead in other categories look like typos they are so large. Not that I know what they all mean.



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