Brandon Martin

In 2011, the Tampa Bay Rays selected Brandon Martin with the 38th pick of the first round of the MLB Draft. In 2013, the shortstop was already considered one of the best defensive players in the Rays’ organization. Today, Martin has been detained by police, arrested on charges of murdering two people and leaving a third person on life support.

The Press-Enterprise has the details:

“A former baseball standout who was required by court order to stay away from his family has been arrested in the shooting deaths of two men – one of whom was his father, the other a security system specialist on an install call. A third man, the suspect’s uncle, was wounded … Brandon Willie Martin, an ex-Tampa Bay Rays farm system infielder, was apprehended Friday in the 800 block of Derby Street in Corona after a vehicle and foot chase near Foothill Elementary School. The 22-year-old was being treated at a hospital for a bite from the K-9 that assisted in the arrest … [Martin] had been detained for a mental health evaluation … It was unknown when he was released from the hold.”

Martin, 22, last played for the Rays organization in 2013, appearing in 73 games for the Bowling Green Hot Rods. He hit .206 with a .268 OBP, seven home runs, and 10 stolen bases.



  1. zenny says:

    That's awful.

    Does any other organization have this many problems with players getting into serious trouble with the law and/or illegal substances? I suppose drafting high-skill players with potential character issues lowers the Rays signing costs, making them a risk they feel is worth taking. However, they hardly ever seem to pan out, so maybe a change in philosophy is in order.

    How about drafting more players who don't grade out quite as high but are hard workers with impeccable character? Those are the guys who tend to surprise you pleasantly.

    • Will says:

      How would the Rays know this kid had any issues when signing?? He was rated 3rd best SS in the nation.. My son was his HS teammate, and for 4 years he was as awesome as they get. No problems w him at all, and his parents were great!

      Sadly he got involved w drugs, that changed his behavior. It could happen to anyone. He was suspended from the Rays for assaulting a coach at a prospect camp and was told to not come back until he got himself straight. That never happened, for whatever reason.. He didn't want help and his parents did what they could.

      Having to deal with this mess in our city to a kid that we all know... Try being on this side of the fence. People all over the USA are making comments without knowing the real story. We live it, and live here in this city.

  2. Ed says:

    Yes But they win championships


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