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The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

Phillies 5, RAYS 4 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: We’ll get to his gaffe on the bases in a second, but Logan Forsythe did have a good day at the plate with his 19th double and 10th home run. He drove in two…Steven Souza had 4 at bats and did not strike out. He even had 2 hits and a walk. Weird.

THE BAD: At times, mental mistakes kill this team. There was the double-play in the top of the 9th with no outs with the second out coming in a rundown between first and second. At the time, Logan Forsythe was on third during the rundown and never broke for home. Forsythe has to try to score there. The worst thing that happens is he gets thrown out and the Rays have a runner on second instead of a runner on third. With 2 outs, there is almost no difference between a runner on second and a runner on third. The next came in the 10th inning. With a runner on first and no outs, Carlos Ruiz popped a bunt up just to Brad Boxberger’s left. The runner on first froze and was even leaning a little back towards first. Boxberger never considered throwing to second which would have been an easy out and possible double-play with Ruiz running up the first base line. And all of that ignores that Boxberger probably should have caught the pop-up but instead played it safe. Two batters later, the runner on second scored on a hit.


The game might have ended in regulation if the Phillies run in the bottom of the 8th had stood. While it was a bit surprising the call was overturned considering what we have seen stand this season, I wonder how the ump missed the play in the first place? Oh yeah, it was because he got caught being a bystander not thinking the throw would come home and was not prepared and was in a horrible position to make the call. It would be nice if the ump in New York realized this and thought “well, there is no way he saw the play so let’s just make the call based on our best guess since we can actually see the play.” But we all know MLB too well to give them that much credit.

7-22-2015 3-13-21 PM

THE TELLING: The Rays have never been won a draft pick in the competitive balance lottery, designed to help teams like the Rays. This year, MLB handed out 12 with 6 coming after the first round and 6 coming after the second round. The Rays got the last pick in the group after the second round. So, yay?…Vince Belnome, who played 4 games with the Rays last season, has been released from triple-A…The Rays are now 48-49, 6 games behind the Yankees, their biggest deficit in the division all season.


  • Kevin Cash says the team needs to “flip a switch here. Now.” Jake Odorizzi, possibly still upset about being pulled after 5 innings did not seem to agree, saying “I don’t know. If he seems to think it is, I guess we need to take a day and get our heads right, I guess, and get back on the right track.” Not exactly having your rookie manager’s back. [TampaBay.com]
  • Marc Topkin writes about the struggles of key bullpen members. [TampaBay.com]
  • The Tigers and David Price are the key top the trade deadline and nobody knows what they are going to do. [BI Sports]
  • This weekend, the PSTA in St. Pete will be offering free rides to the Trop for games if you show a ticket for that day’s game. [TBO.com]
  • Jay Cridlin writes about the Rays concert series and its impact. [TampaBay.com]
  • DOWN ON THE FARM [boxscoresBradin Hagens struck out 9 in 5 shutout innings and left with a 4-0 lead but the Bulls lost 6-4. JP Arencibia hit his 20th home run and Richie Shaffer added his 16th in 44 triple-A games and 23rd overall. He also had a double and 2 walks…Montgomery gave up 3 runs in the bottom of the 9th with the last coming on a walk-off wild pitch. Dayron Varona was 0-4…Charlotte lost 5-2 to Daytona and Bowling Green went down 4-2.




  1. Ken says:

    I was at the game yesterday and have a few comments on the Rays performance:
    Coaching staff: Clueless! Montoya was looking in the dugout when Guyer got picked off and was no help to Forsythe during the rundown. He just stood there watching the play. Rocco must have been picking his nose after Loney's go ahead single. The relay was kicked by the cutoff man, Loney had rounded 1/3 way to second and no Philly covering the base, gotta send him. Cash has to mix up his relievers a bit. By the third game of a series teams are way used to seeing Jake, Jep and Box in a row....and figure out that starters can go more than 5 innings, it's allowed.
    Players: Lifeless! Longo was staring into space several times while a pitch was thrown. Loney looks slow and lost. DeJesus plays the deepest left field in the majors. Rivera has one decent swing per AB, other than that he's flailing at the ball. KK is the only Ray worth watching, and the only Ray with any spirit.
    Rant over...Never been to Citizen Park. Way better than the Vet. So nice to watch a game in the sun.

    • Rob says:

      I have to agree the entire team (with the exception of KK) looks like they are in a fog. I am actually surprised this team is still a game within .500. Watching them lately, you'd think they were 25 games out and thinking about next season.

  2. Steve says:

    Shaffer needs called up to the bigs, like, yesterday.

  3. Gus says:

    This is a critical moment for Cash/Hickey/starters. They are not on the same page, and when Cash has let them go deep, it blows up. Of course, having an offense give your starters some kind of cushion is permitted and encouraged to every game isn't a 1-run game into the 6th.

    Also, I know Cork has been rightly defending Moore coming off of Tommy John, but it is hard to see the Marlins' Fernandez coming off the same surgery, same time frame, looking lights out. I start to worry a little more whether Moore's pre-surgery velocity decline was something beside the elbow ligament.

  4. Brent says:

    After 18 years, Pinellas county just now starts a special w/ the county bus?!


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