7-3-2015 10-11-18 PMWe are three weeks from the (non-waiver) trade deadline and despite being just 4.0 games behind in the playoff race and in seemingly desperate need of some offense and a fresh arm or two for the bullpen don’t look for the Rays to be too active. That’s because the Rays have cheaper options in-house.

As frustrating as it may sound, and I don’t blame you if it does, he makes a good point. The Rays already added John Jaso this week and Desmond Jennings should be back in August.

You are not going to find two better bats on the trade market and these guys won’t cost the Rays any prospects. And while there are probably not many Rays fans counting the days until Jennings’ return he does have the potential to get hot for a few weeks and at the very least he will provide a fresh set of legs down the stretch as a fourth outfielder.

As for the bullpen, things will be helped there by the return of Jake Odorizzi on Saturday as that moves Alex Colome to the bullpen as an extra arm for the second half.

There is also David DeJesus who might not still be on the roster if it wasn’t for all the injuries. The Rays could look to be “sellers” and “buyers” at the same time by trading DeJesus for another low-rent reliever who can eat innings and help spell the other guys.

Of course, this is the Rays we are talking about. They are never just sellers or buyers. They are always both. If an offer comes along that they find value in, whether it is for the short-term or the long-term, they are going to make the deal. Otherwise, they never make deals just for the sake of making deals.



  1. phil says:

    Hoping Alex Colome works out as high leverage bull pen arm....

  2. Matt says:

    The only realistic thing I think they need to add is another reliable, experienced arm in the pen. Even the better relievers on the market won't cost that much, and can provide an extra kick to the bullpen, which appears burned out and overused. Sure, they have lots of depth in the minors, but do we really feel comfortable with them brining in a guilmet/dominguez/riefenhauser type in a potential game winning spot? All those guys have the talent to be great pitchers down the line, but you can't pin that kind of pressure on a rookie arm.

  3. Mr Smith 1980 says:

    The overused bullpen argument is not valid. The bullpen is basically on pace for fairly standard innings/outings with numbers that rival last year's. The only difference is the leverage of the innings, if you subscribe to the idea that high leverage innings are more taxing than those that are considered low leverage innings- I do not.

    • Beazy says:

      How about Yahoo! posting an article today supporting the bullpen thing...


      "Tampa Bay looks same as ever, overloaded with pitching and in need of some bats to support it.", lol

  4. edward williams says:

    Ok am i missing something here, i understand that dj is coming back but is our offense that good that we couldn't use another bat besides him. Im not seeing it, even before the year started we were all talking about how bad the offense was going to be and how good the pitching was. Up until lately the pitching has been pretty good considering all the injuries, but the hitting has been bad pretty much all year. I'm not expecting them to go out and spend alot , we know that won't happen, im not even asking them to fire shelton, just for once go out and get a bat that won't be an automatic out. Are they really going to rely on dj, this is really turning out to be a long summer, and i know that they are only 4 out and were in first place a couple of weeks ago, but they are fading fast. GO RAYS!!!!!


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