Chris Archer

Chris Archer was a guest on the MLB Network during the MLB All-Star Game’s red carpet parade before the game.

When he was first introduced, the hosts were wowed by his appearance with one saying “you look like a celebrity!”

“I wanted to do something special, stand out a little bit,” Archer said. “So I thought, wear some dress pants with a nice button up and some flashy shoes.”

Archer later added that he wore the red shoes for the Reds fans in Cincinnati and that Under Armour h up “with some pretty fresh cleats” for the game. So we will have to look for those.


As for Brad Boxberger, the Rays’ other All-Star, he looked pretty good also.




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  1. Brent says:

    How about the Rays theme song, it's revolution, being played before the 1st pitch of the 3rd inning...
    And I think Archer was the only player to have his own commercial aired during the game...


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