Brad Boxberger and Chris ArcherIn the days leading up to the All-Star game, Chris Archer was consider one of several candidates to be chosen to start the All-Star game for the American League. Those chances got a big boost on Sunday.

Chicago White Sox manager Robin Ventura told the media the team would prefer that Chris Sale not pitch in the game, citing his recent workload (via Chicago Sun-Times).

“Citing the pitcher’s workload over his recent stretch of superb performances, Ventura said Sale, who will be the team’s only representative in Cincinnati, could use the rest. Sale pitched seven-plus innings in the Sox’ 5-1 victory over the Cubs Saturday and would be OK to throw an inning on two days rest Tuesday — and he said he would like to — but he will go along with the team’s wishes. Ventura hasn’t made a formal request to AL manager Ned Yost, but chances are Sale won’t pitch.”

Sale, along with Archer and Dallas Keuchel of the Houston Astros, was considered one of the top candidates. While Keuchel may still be the favorite, Archer now has less competition.

Ned Yost doesn’t have to abide by Ventura’s wishes but chances are he will knowing that the situation could easily be reversed in the future and one of Yost’s pitchers could be under Ventura’s control.


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  1. Gus says:

    I shutter to think of the hand-wringing here if Archer's rest-routine is messed up to start the 2nd half of the season like it was the first half.

    Good luck to Archer in the ASG. He deserves it, and will be good for him to pitch on the big stage.

    And congrats to the Rays for finding something and finishing the first half strong.

    Now if we just get Matt Moore to stop doing his 2009 Scott Kazmir impression . . . (I know it is early, but he looks like he could use another month in the minors).


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