MLB: World Series-San Francisco Giants at Kansas City RoyalsHere is an interesting twist to the ongoing debate over a new stadium for the Tampa Bay Rays in the Bay Area.

The Rays are no longer guaranteed to host an All-Star game if they do build a new stadium.

New commissioner Rob Manfred told that Major League Baseball will no longer award All-Star games and will instead switch to a bidding process more similar to how Super Bowls are awarded.

This is significant because typically MLB awards All-Star games to cities that build new stadiums, something former commissioner Bud Selig promised to the city of St. Pete back in 2008 when the Rays proposed the waterfront stadium.

According to Manfred, MLB will honor the promise made to teams that have already built new stadiums, such as the Marlins and the Nationals. However, they will be the last of the cities to be guaranteed an All-Star game.

This doesn’t mean Tampa or St. Pete won’t get an All-Star game if they build a new stadium as the area has successfully bid for Super Bowls in the past. But it is no longer guaranteed and now local politicians and voters can’t assume that the area will receive a one-off economic boost from hosting a mid-summer classic when debating the various ways of paying for a new stadium.

In other words, Manfred just made it even more difficult for the area to build a new stadium.



  1. Ken in Sarasota says:

    In theory, whether the Rays have a new stadium built or not, they could host an ASG as long as they outbid the other MLB cities. Since the Bucs were able to outbid the other NFL teams to host Super Bowls, why can't the Rays do the same for the ASG? Or would MLB only allow cities with new stadiums to be part of the bidding process for the ASG, thus excluding the Rays and A's from the process?

  2. formattedfire3 says:

    I don't see why it should detract from building a new stadium. First, it's a one time event. Secondly, it's not a hard sell - new stadium, indoors, fresh AL venue. If they grant us the All Star game fine, if not, who cares. The goal is to get to the World Series. That's how revenue is generated, and how fan bases our built.

  3. Hurricanes says:

    I don't care if we get an All Star game or not. That has never entered my thinking as a reason for needing a downtown Tampa stadium. And I believe we will get it done in spite of Major League Baseball.


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