Jake Odorizzi

Chris Archer was recently a guest on the MLB Network and he was asked about his off-season workouts.

Archer spoke at length about training at the Performance Compound in Tampa. He also mentioned some of the other players who also train there and that is when he dropped this little nugget about teammate Jake Odorizzi.

“Jake Odorizzi is there. He has put on 15 pounds this off-season.”

Odorizzi was listed as 6-2, 185 pounds last season. An additional 15 pounds would presumably put him at 200 pounds this season. That’s still not quite as big as a James Shields who is listed at 6-3, 215 pounds. But it should go a long ways to helping Odorizzi’s endurance as he tries to become a 200-inning pitcher in 2015.

On a side-note, Archer appears to be about an inch taller this season thanks to some new hair.

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  1. mep645 says:

    The "Hot Stove" guys on MLB just love Chris and let him jabber for 15. He really is comfortable with the cameras and does a good job speaking. He is an asset to the team in many ways.

  2. Kevin says:

    Archer is the funniest guy on the team, Him (and sometimes Price) would only throw foul balls (when he was in the dugout, not starting) to Rays fans while on a road trip. He would also joke with the opposing team fans and give them a hard time when they asked for him to toss it to them.

  3. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    Good kid. His "Inside the Rays" episode was great.


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