Joe MaddonJoe Maddon is in a unique situation rarely seen in sports in which a coach or manager has become a free agent on his own terms. In almost every other situation, a coach or manager remains with his team until something bad happens and he is fired.

Early on, it is nearly unanimous among talking heads that the Chicago Cubs are the favorites to sign Maddon to be their manager. Complicating matters is that the Cubs have a manager with two years left on his deal. In addition, the World Series is still going on and Bud Selig hates it when teams make news that takes away from the Fall Classic.

However, according to Gordon Wittenmyer of the Chicago Sun-Times, a source indicated that Cubs president Theo Epstein was in Florida this weekend to meet with Maddon.

Maybe it is telling that the Cubs are one team that has remained quiet while other teams have issued statements (e.g. Dodgers) saying they are sticking with their current manager.

Let’s check out the rest of the rumors:

  • Joel Sherman says Maddon is seeking a 5-year, $25 million contract. [@JoelSherman1]
  • Marc Topkin reports that the Rays and Maddon discussed deals that ranged from 3 to 10 years and would have topped out at just over $3 million per year. []
  • In the same column, Topkin also writes that there is the “potential of a tampering charge” against the Cubs and someone on the Rays’ side wonders if perhaps the Cubs and Maddon have already cut a deal. []
  • According to Bruce Levine, Maddon’s agent, Alan Nero, said that he has heard from “15 GMs” about Maddon in the first 30 hours after he opted out. [@MLBBruceLevine]
  • Gordon Wittenmyer also added that Maddon already has 5 job offers that “that aren’t managing.” These would be both broadcasting and front office positions. []
  • Not all teams want Maddon to be their manager. According to Jon Heyman, Nero said “about 10 teams have called” and that the jobs they have discussed have ranged from manager, to “Tony LaRusso style” positions in the front office, to “various other roles.” Of course, if Maddon were to take a front office job, speculation would be that he would manage down the road. [CBS Sports]
  • In the same piece from above, Heyman notes that Nero told a Chicago radio station that Maddon is prepared to sit out the 2015 season and could take a TV job. [CBS Sports]
  • Maddon told Ken Rosenthal that his preference is to manage in 2015. [Facebook]
  • LaVelle E. Neal III reports that the Twins, the only team besides the Rays currently without a manager, will reach out to Maddon. [@LaVelleNeal]
  • Teams that have said they are sticking with their current manager include the Angels, Mets, Dodgers [MLBTR] and Red Sox [Boston Globe].


  1. Dave L says:

    Rumors abound nationwide about where JoeMa will land, but not much about who will manage the Washington Generals in his stead. Because no one outside this market cares enough to contemplate it.

    I hope all those who are welcoming the departure of Joe and/or Andrew realize that you quite possibly have just witnessed the Golden Age of Tampa Bay baseball (2008-2013) which may never be equaled again.

    • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

      Come on, Dave. That's doomsday garbage!

      The pitching is still in the top tier and as long as that is a known entity then there is a chance all the other variables can create a favorable solution.

      For all the good Joe, did his stubbornness and loyalty to certain players was a huge detriment to the success of this team at times, so it practically equalled itself out. Cork is prone to say that a good manager can be credited with maybe 3 wins per season, but in this case Joe's "gut" moves gone awry could also have cost a game or two, so his net gain was perhaps +1, any decent manager can do that.
      Emotions aside, the AF/JoMa partnership has overseen a generally underachieving team over the last several years... most other coaches/managers would've been on the hot seat had they squandered those years with the talent this club possessed over those years.

      Next year, as in years past, if the pitching holds up, the Rays will be legitimate AL East contenders.

      Am I turning a blind eye to a horribly watered-down farm system? Why yes, yes I am.
      Why, you ask? Because there are a few (just a few) really nice pieces on the farm that if they can accelerate their curve and make a splash sooner than later, when coupled with the core of guys already in the Show will be just the supplement this team needs to contend in the near future. (1-3 years). After that... my forecast is not so bright, but one or two good moves and that changes again.

      • Dave L says:


        Its cold hard reality.

        If you think that run will be duplicated again you are crazy.

        We were watching the Expos of 20 years ago and didnt even know it. Im not saying the team will leave but a ultra weak revenue team can only do that once in a generation or twice in a century. Likely the next GM wont have AF patience. Look at Billy Beane he finally went for it trading Cespedes for two months of Lester and what did that get them? They didnt even get as far as we did in 2013. A move like that could doom us for a decade. Love or hate it Friedman never strayed from his plan and it was about long term sustainability.

        Maybe its because I was a Senators fan as a child. Go ask a Royals, O's, Expos, Padres, Blue Jays, Mets, Cubs, Bosox (over 50), D-backs, Brewers, Rockies fan how many times they had a six year sustained run like that?

        • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

          You are opining about the departure of AF and JoMa and at the same time saying that the golden age of TB baseball goes with them... if the golden age is over it's not because they left, it's because they left the organization weaker through poor drafting and questionable (at times) loyalty.

          • Dave L says:

            No I am not saying they left the org weaker personnel wise. Quite the opposite.

            Right now we have the deepest collection of quality under 28 arms under contract in the teams history due to Friedmans stockpiling of prospects. Good young pitching is hard to acquire and he loaded us up. Plus no long term deals to kill us later.

            First indication will be the fate of Zobrist as to whether the Friedman method is continued.

  2. Jim says:

    Dave L,
    Simple questions

    Who do you give most of the credit for the astounding decade that the Braves had? Smoltz,Glavine,and Maddox or John Schuerholz and Bobby Cox.

    I think we had the perfect storm of starting pitching from 08-13, and giving most of the credit to AF and Maddon is a farce. So yeah sure we may never see it again, but I just don't think it as much to do with the wonder twins as it did our pitching staffs.

    • Dave L says:

      Yes I give credit to Maddon and Friedman.

      Did u ever watch the Devil Rays?

      Honestly Jim your posts the last 6 months have been mostly a farce.

      If you went on a national forum with your silly opinions you would be laughed off the air as a spoiled Rays fan.

      • Jim says:

        You believe that is was more of AF and Joe Maddon's decision than it was our pitching?

        Can you also answer the question about the Braves? just curious.

        • Dave L says:

          Who brought us and the Braves those pitchers? A little fairy?

          It was just random association? The GM thats who.

          The Rays sustained competing with a 15 different regular rotation starting pitchers not 4.

          Cox is in the HOF. Joe would love the comparison and be quite flattered

          • Jim says:

            With the pitching that the Braves had, YOU could have managed them to a couple of Div titles. That's my point, Bobby Cox was about 5% of the reason for their decade of success. Joe Maddon deserves a little more credit than that for the great run that we had but spreadsheets, shifts, and pitching are a hell of a lot more responsible for our success than Joe Maddon.

            "The Rays sustained competing with a 15 different regular rotation starting pitchers not 4." AGREED. and that goes back to my point, JIM HICKEY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT EMPLOYEE IN THE RAYS FRANCHISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Big Mo says:

      I give a lot of credit of the Braves to Leo Mazzone, the pitching coach at that time. I think Jim Hickey deserves a lot of the credit here. He seems to bring out the best in the pitchers. He has taken almost every re-tread in the bull pen and made them special Rodney, Soriano, Farnsworth and Percival. Plus look at the improvement in Smyly after the trade. To me Hickey is the most valuable piece.

  3. ed says:

    I give Joe and Andrew a lot of credit, but also a lot of the fault as to why we haven't won a ws , or haven't been back. I would think that everybody here would agree that our offence sucks, and what about the pitching , who do we give credit for that too, I say Jim Hickey. This team isn't made for the playoffs, all Joe and the front office ever said was "we want to be able to play meaningful games in sept" and of course the 90 win thing was becoming annoying. Of course flipping it around , I don't think baseball would have been as interesting around here without Joe and Andrew, so I do thank them for that, so now lets go out and get a manager who isn't as stubborn and is a little more offense minded. Good Luck Joe and thanks againg for the memories.

    • Jim says:

      I truly believe that Jim Hickey is many times more valuable to this team than Joe Maddon is or was. As far as AF, like someone posted on and earlier post, he's had as many misses as he's had hits.

  4. Carey says:

    Am I crazy for thinking Rod Gardenhire would be someone to look at. Or, what about promoting Hickey to manager?


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