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Unfortunately, of the 12 longest home runs hit at The Trop this season, 11 were hit by opposing players. The lone exception was the 436-foot home run, as measured by ESPN’s “Hit Tracker,” hit by Sean Rodriguez in July off of Dustin McGowan of the Blue Jays.

The reaction by McGowan says it all.

In the final home game of the season, Avisail Garcia of the Chicago White Sox hit a home run off of Nate Karns with a true distance of 468 feet. That was the longest home run hit at The Trop this season and the longest hit by anybody at The Trop since Wily Mo Pena hit one the same distance off of James Shields in 2011. It was also the longest home run given up by a Rays pitcher this season.

Rodriguez also hit the longest home run by a Rays player this season in any ballpark, hitting one 445 feet off of Shawn Kelley of the Yankees during a July trip to Yankee Stadium.

The shortest home run hit by a Rays player this season came off the bat of Wil Myers, who hit one 335 feet at Yankee Stadium in May.

The shortest home run of the year at The Trop by a Rays player was the inside-the-parker by David DeJesus whose ball eventually traveled 339 feet, but went much shorter in the air.

The shortest home run hit by any player in a Rays game this season came when Chris Davis hit one 319 feet off the foul pole in left field.

The biggest “moon shot” (highest) home run hit by a Rays player came from Evan Longoria, who hit one off of McGowan that went 12 stories high (133 feet). That was the one that looked like it was heading to the Party Deck before hitting a catwalk.

Meanwhile, the most-line drive home run (shortest in height) was hit by DeJesus in Fenway where his home run only reached 47 feet off the ground.


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    Any idea what Longo's moonshot would've measured sans catwalk?


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