Andrew Friedman and Joe Maddon

Last week we heard a crazy rumor that the Los Angeles Dodgers may go after Andrew Friedman to be their general manager. But why stop at crazy when you have enough money to go full-cuckoo.

Now Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe passes along this rumor:

“Rumors of an Andrew Friedman/Joe Maddon tandem for the Dodgers are making the rounds. It would require compensation.”

I’m just going to assume that Cafardo forgot the words “LOTS OF” in front of the word “compensation.”

And keep in mind that the Dodgers still have a manager and a general manager on staff. However, there is some thought that GM Ned Colletti will be fired and the relationship between manager Don Mattingly and the team has long been sour.

Who knows where this rumor started. Most likely it was just speculation by one person and other people went “hey, that would be cool.”

But keep some things in mind: 1) The Dodgers have a lot of money and some good young talent; 2) Stuart Sternberg likes outside-the-box ideas; 2) You can make an argument that Maddon and Friedman are two of the Rays’ three most valuable assets with Evan Longoria being the third and the Rays like to trade valuable assets especially when other teams are willing to pay handsomely.

At the end of the day, the chances of this happening are somewhere between unlikely and HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. But at the same time, the Dodgers are acting more and more like the George Steinbrenner Yankees and when George decided he wanted somebody on his team, it usually happened.



  1. Gus says:

    The Boston media have been out to dismantle the Sternberg operation since the 2008 ALCS so I'm skeptical.

    Andrew Friedman with a huge budget! Imagine the awful signings he'd make if he had stupid money to be stupid with. He's be like the overnight rock star who buys a rhinoceros for the bacck yard of his 50K square foot mansion. The ghosts of Pat Burrell, Grant Balfour and the Japanese closer with the chewed up elbow in 2007 relish the propsect of Andrew with that payroll.

    Cannot lose Maddon under any circumstance, He is worth 5 Andrew Friedmans.

  2. Ken H says:

    If the Dodgers are crazy enough to trade their 3 top prospects for Andrew and Joe I'd take the deal in a heartbeat.

  3. Roman Rodriguez says:

    Shinji Mori, is the name you are looking for. You can't blame Friendman for getting injured.

    • Jim says:

      No, but I can blame him for signing Balfour and Pena for the second time. Bell, Burrell, and a catcher made of glass. We are great at finding life in dead pitchers and veteran player who come here at a discount. But Gus is right, AF has completely screwed the pooch on what is considered big money signings by Rays standards. With an unlimited budget, it could get scary.

      • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

        If you're going to continue to beat the drum about how fragile Hanigan is please, please, for God's sake, please find a new cliche.

        You had to have typed "catcher made of glass" at least 453 times this season!

        Be creative with your word choice (even if you're ranting about Hanigan being a "bad signing" is absolutely wrong).

        • Jim says:

          a catcher that LOST his job due to going on the DL and then spent half the season on the DL for us. HE'S MADE OF GLASS. a catcher with oblique and hammy issues is a horrible sign.

          Wait he was signed for his great arm. How did that work out for the half a season that he played for us? HE THREW OUT EIGHT FUCKING RUNNERS!!!!! that less than 1 out of every 8 games that he started. HORRIBLE.

  4. Gus says:

    The problem with Mori is that he was damaged goods when he showed up for spring training with a bad arm. Japaneese pitchers are often ridden pretty hard. Friedman just got burned on that one.

    What makes Friedman's free agency signings so puzzling is that they are so often at the expense of extending or keeping the players coming through the system who are known quantities. The risks they have taken on guys in free agency (and trades that are in essence salary dumps on the Rays) is so at odds with their excellent track record at identifying good minor league players, it seems that major league scouting is from a different (and less competent) planet than the minor league scouting department. And major league players should be the most known quantities of all -- the least risky -- but they somehow usually backfire on the Rays.

    Anyway, it is hard to see JoeMa leaving but I'm sure it will help him get a better contract (one he richly deserves). I'm not sure if Friedman has some kind of handshake deal with Stu, but if he knows what is good for him, he'll know that a low budget team with low expectations is far better for him than an unlimited budget team with unrealisitc expectations.


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