Andrew Friedman was the Astros top choice to be their new GM in 2011.

Andrew Friedman was the Astros’ top choice to be their new GM in 2011.

Here we go again.

Bill Plaschke of the LA Times is reporting that Los Angeles Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti may soon be fired and if he is, the team may go after Andrew Friedman.

It’s hard to know for certain how much to make of this report. In the story, Plaschke mentions Friedman’s name exactly two times (emphasis mine).

In the very first line of the piece, Plaschke writes “the Dodgers could be targeting Andrew Friedman … as a replacement.”

Four paragraphs later, Plaschke writes “[the Dodgers’] top target appears to be Andrew Friedman.”

Those two statements don’t sound very convincing, but there is probably enough there to suggest that Friedman’s name has at least come up in Dodgers circles.

Of course, we have heard this story before and it should not be a surprise that other teams covet one of the best GMs in baseball.

Following the 2011 season, the Friedman was the Houston Astros’ “no. 1 choice” to be their GM and Friedman received permission to interview for the job before turning it down.

But that doesn’t mean Rays fans shouldn’t be worried.

The Dodgers have much deeper pockets than the Astros. The new ownership group paid $2 billion for the team and now have an underachieving $240 million payroll.

If the Dodgers do want Friedman, they have the money to make it happen and can potentially offer the young Rays executive a huge raise.

On the flip side, Friedman is obviously comfortable working with Stuart Sternberg and Matthew Silverman. Friedman also has a financial stake in the Rays that he would have to sell before he could join another team.

This report by Plaschke is questionable to be certain and as of now, the Dodgers still have a GM. But don’t be surprised if this smoke turns out to be an actual fire.



  1. Dave L says:

    If I had to choose to lose one or the other, I would rather have Friedman handing his daily cue cards to Davy Martinez then to take my chances with a new GM and keep JoeMa.


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