Playing A Little Pepper

The Rays now have the lowest average attendance in baseball, with just 17,029 tickets distributed per game. That would be the worst average attendance in baseball since 2008 when the Marlins averaged 16,688. It would also be the lowest attendance for the Rays since 2006 when they averaged just 16,925 per game in Stuart Sternberg’s first season as controlling owner…The Rays are now 40-50, 8.5 games behind the Orioles and just one-half game behind the Red Sox in the East.


Game Graph… [Will be up at game time] Source: FanGraphs




  1. Joe Dunn says:

    Somebody has to be at the bottom so it is US. I have no further comment or suggestions.

  2. Jason says:

    Well owning a 19-25 home record, being as far out as 15 games I believe can do that to attendance. Especially when 2/3 of ticket sales are the casual fan and not businesses.

  3. Dave L says:

    Just once I'd like to know which markets are the 'worst Marlboro' buyers or which city doesn't support Pepsi like it should.

    Philip Morris or Pepsico don't have the luxury of an entrenched media as the Sports media which perpetuate the myth that the customer is the 'problem' in lower ticket sales TV or radio audiences than that of other totally different markets and totally different baseball products

    Sports is the only industry which gets away with the unique sense of entitlement that a market has a 'duty' to buy its product.

    They are what they are because that's what this market can bear with that particular product, in this case a teenage MLB team which was horrible until the age of 10.

  4. JT says:

    I just wish they would move to Tampa already. Our attendance would definitley increase. And btw I live in Largo so the trop is easier for me to get to than anywhere in Tampa. Im just so over hearing ESPN bash the Rays and the fan base and the community every chance they get.

  5. Bucsfan says:

    After today's blown loss by less than average relief pitchers, they deserve no better.


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