MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Detroit TigersWhen it comes to the David Price sweepstakes, it appears as though four teams have emerged as the favorites, the Dodgers, the Cardinals, the Mariners, and the Rays.

Despite the Rays playing better, the team is still talking with other teams about potential trades that would involve Price and/or Ben Zobrist. The only thing that may have changed is that the teams are not only negotiating against each other, but they are also bidding against the Rays and the possibility of just keeping both players, which is now stronger than ever.

Based on everything I have read, here is how I would rank the teams in terms of likelihood of having Price or Zobrist on August 1:

David Price: 1. Rays, 2. Dodgers, 3. Mariners, 4. Cardinals

Ben Zobrist: 1. Rays, 2. Giants, 3. Mariners, 4. Cardinals

Here is the latest:

  • One executive “involved in Price conversations” told Buster Olney that a Price deal will come down to the Dodgers, Cards, and Mariners, and whichever team “decides to be aggresive.” [@Buster_ESPN]
  • When Jim Bowden asked Reds GM Walt Jocketty about Zobrist his response was “that’s a good name, that’s all I’ll say.” [@JimBowdenESPNxm]
  • Ollie Connolly has a source that says the Mariners have “stepped up their chase” and are willing to trade Taijuan Walker in a deal for both Price and Zobrist (I’m not really sure how that is “stepping up,” since Walker was a requirement for a deal involving just Price, but OK). Connolly does add that the M’s are “throwing the kitchen sink” at the Rays for Price and Zobrist. We’ll see. [OutsidePitchMLB]
  • Meanwhile, others, like Ken Rosenthal, still feel the Mariners are a long-shot for a number of reasons. Those include ownership that may not want to pay prospects and $20 million next season for Price who does not want to commit long-term to the Mariners. [FoxSports]
  • And there is that report mentioned late last week that the Mariners are actually more interested in Zobrist. [CBSSports]
  • Meanwhile, Derrick Goold says the Cardinals “interest in Price and info gathering” reminds him of their pursuit of Matt Holliday at the 2009 trade deadline. [@dgoold]
  • One sticking point with the Cardinals may be that they will want a “financial commitment” before making a deal for Price. Most people have assumed that this refers to a long-term deal and that the info came from the Cardinals. Cafardo did not say either of those things. Maybe they would just want to negotiate his 2015 salary which is up in the air at this point. And Cafardo only says “a major league source,” which could just be somebody on another team speculating. [BostonGlobe]
  • At one point the Cardinals discussed the possibility of trying to trade for Price and Evan Longoria although Buster Olney notes that there is no indication that there were any talks about Longo between the two sides. [@Buster_ESPN]
  • Ken Rosenthal wonders if the Cubs might make a run at Price, noting that they have Price’s college pitching coach, enough prospects to make a deal, and Price’s friends say he has always been “tickled by the idea of playing for the Cubs.” [FoxSports]
  • Nick Cafardo also mentioned that the Blue Jays have been scouting both Price and Zobrist along with many other players. [BostonGlobe]


  1. Dave L says:

    It doesnt seem realistic for one team to be able to the give the Rays enough of what they want for both players. If a team like the Mariners were to pull it off, they would need to give us top prospects then move some veterans to a third team for more prospects who would then come to the Rays.

    The ideal situation would be for the Cards or Dodgers to be the ones to get Price and lock him up long term. Then they would receive the maximum value and would therefore theoretically be willing to part with the most, correct?

    Why would Price not want to go to the Cards? Its the closest team to his hometown (or Braves?)and they are one of the best run orgs in all of sports and its the best baseball city by all accounts.

    Only red flag as a Rays fan is the the Cards personel people are baseball wizards and I would be wary of whoever they would be willing to part with. Better the M's who seem to be about 10 shades dimmer bulbs or the Dodgers who have much more dollars than sense it seems.

    Seattle is wonderful place. I bet Price is has the same opinion of thier front office as I do and doubts they can/will do what it takes to win.

  2. Gus says:

    Coincidental that Price and Longo both went to the Cardinals games as fans last night and sat in the stands?

    The Cardinals are Nashville's team, so you can make the case that is the logical place for Price long-term. Just don't know if they'll pay the money Price will command. When you rule out the Dodgers because of Kershaw, what NL team could make the committment (and also has some pieces to trade)? Let's go Mets . . . (more likely an off-season trade partner and where I think he'll end up.

    If traded at deadline:

    1. Cards
    2. Giants
    3. Mariners

    If traded in off-season (what I think will and should happen):
    1. Mets
    2. Giants
    3. Cardinals

  3. Geoff Peterson says:

    The Cardinals would need to empty out their farm teams and also add Taveras, Lynn, Miller, Adams, and Wong to get Longo and Price from Friedman.

  4. David Spenn says:

    Goal is to be 6 games out by July 31st....and were at 7.5 depending tonight's outcome. Go Rays!

    Since June 22nd-07/20

    (Games gained)

    Yankees - 5
    Mariners - 3.5
    Royals - 6.5
    Indians - 2.5
    Twins - 8
    Rangers - 12
    Red Sox - 4.5
    White Sox - 4
    Astros - 7.5
    Blue Jays - 6.5
    Orioles - 2

  5. doug says:

    The Giants made an acquisition that makes it unlikely Zobrist will go there...


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