USATSI_7922693_154511044_lowresThe GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

A’s 3, RAYS 2 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: Erik Bedard. For a while now I have been saying that Bedard has been lucky and eventually it was going to run out. And in a second I’m going to tell you about how that luck ran out last night. But while Bedard is definitely not a 2.63 ERA pitcher he is pitching a lot better than the 4.59 ERA pitcher that was on the mound for the Astros last year or the 5.01 ERA pitcher for the Pirates two seasons ago. In fact, Bedard’s FIP is 3.36 which is a good indication of how well he really is pitching. That is, not as good as his ERA suggests, but still pretty good. And for a 5th starter, 6 innings and a 3.36 ERA is something most teams would kill for.

THE BAD: Irony. As we have mentioned recently, Erik Bedard has been a bit lucky in his last few starts. The two biggest examples were that he was walking a ton of batters who weren’t scoring and he had yet to give up a home run. Even good pitchers give up home runs. Last night, Bedard gave up 3 runs despite allowing just one hit. And while his defense didn’t help, Bedard’s luck ran out. One run scored on a home run and another scored on a throwing error after reaching base via walk. Eventually those numbers were going to bite Bedard and it happened in a very bad way…Tom Foley. This is a tough one. If you are going to go by the book in the 8th inning of a 1-run game with just one out, you hold up Kevin Kiermaier at third base on Matt Joyce’s single and that’s what Foley did. But this is a team that is struggling to score runs and sometimes you gotta take a chance. And man, Kiermaier had a full head of steam and would have scored easily as the throw went to second base. In the end, he was stranded and it was game over.

THE TELLING: The game took 3 hours, 53 minutes…Attendance was 10,555, the second smallest crowd of the season…Alex Cobb was indeed activated after last night’s game. Kevin Kiermaier was sent back to Durham…Since 2011, this was just the second game in which a team allowed 1 hit and lost. The other was last year when Houston loss. The Astros’ starting pitcher that night was Erik Bedard. It was the 10th game in franchise history in which the Rays allowed just 1 hit. The Rays are now 9-1 in those games…The Rays scored both runs in the 6th inning. They have now been held scoreless in 35 of their last 37 innings…Chris Archer will start Friday and David Price will get an extra day of rest and start on Saturday…Dan Wheeler will represent the Rays at the draft.


  • Sounds like things are going well for Jeremy Hellickson, but now he is hoping to be back before the All-Star break in mid-July. First it was May. Then it was June. Now he is hoping for mid-July. Color me skeptical. []
  • MLB MVP Power Rankings. A Long Beach State player is on top, but it is not Evan Longoria. [BI Sports]
  • Miguel Cabrera is Hank Aaron apparently. [BI Sports]
  • DOWN ON THE FARM [boxscores] Durham did not play last night…Ryan Brett, the Rays’ 9th best prospect, hit his 2nd home run for Montgomery.

The catwalks came into play last night leading to one image that was reminiscent of Norman Rockwell’s “Game Called Because of Rain.”

5-21-2014 9-52-45 PM

After 19 games, the Rays and Blue Jays had the same number of home runs. Not anymore (not including last night’s games).


Here is the cap the Rays will wear on Memorial Day.





  1. Jason says:

    The bad should be the ENTIRE offense, Escobars D, and Derek Shelton. Every pitcher will have bad luck when a team can't score 3 runs on 9 hits. I thought the same about Foley holding up Kiermaier. This team is bad and terrible to watch and it's affecting them in the field it seems. Escobar didn't even seem to give two spits about grounding into a DP and single handedly losing this game for the rays. See ya later David Price, here's hoping you can have 10 really good starts before the all-star break and we can at least get 4 very good prospects for you.

    • OriginalTom says:

      That was most my first thought watching Escobar half-smile while removing his gloves after the DP. I felt jeez at least act like you care. On second thought though, I wonder if that is just a coping mechanism. He did hit the ball hard and it has got to be frustrating to let the team down especially when the error he made in the 2nd played a large factor in the loss.

  2. starmand says:

    With me, it's starting to be like schadenfreude. I thought I had seen everything, but apparently it's a never-say-never thing.

    In the meantime, I'll probably keep watching. As other folks say, "it's a long season", but to me it feels even longer .

    I don't think that we have reached the point of a fire-sale, but the team might just be close to that point. To this fan, it's increasingly frustrating to watch the games. To add to the frustrations of everyday life with a baseball game borders on lunacy. So I might just have to do away with the frustrations of everyday life. 🙂

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein

  3. Dean says:

    Good point, Cork, about Foley. Was thinking the exact same while listening to the game on the radio. When you're struggling like the Rays, you have to push the envelop. He probably wishes he sent him.

    We're one more loss from going 10 under. Who would've thought it possible after the Rays strafed the Jays in that opener? That's baseball: cruel, unpredictable.

    Are we capable of righting everything that's wrong? Definitely. Will we? That's why they'll play the games.

    Fortunately, it's early but it's getting late.

    I'd say the chances of us making the playoffs might be about the same as us playing a game in 2 hours.

  4. Rob says:

    Rays have to play .617 to reach 90 wins. How many times this year have we said, "This stings," or "This is a tough one to swallow"? Too many - this is not a playoff team and they will start shedding salary very soon.

  5. Rob says:

    Shelton is going to get fired eventually. He's not going to be employed by the Rays for the rest of his life and he's not going to get a more lucrative offer elsewhere. I wonder how the Rays will spin it when they inevitably replace him - they've sort of backed themselves into a corner with him.

  6. ken says:

    The Father says to the Son, "time to go to bed Timmy". The son protests, "but Dad it's early and the movie's not over yet". Dad replies, "Timmy you've seen this movie a bunch and it always ends the same. You even said it's a bad movie". "But maybe this time it will end differently", the lad pleads. Dad frowns and says, "Timmy, bad movies never end any different. That's why they're called bad movies".
    Now playing at the only stadium near you: The Return of the Devil Rays. Caution, it's a very bad movie.

  7. Gus says:

    This is where your stars -- Longo and Price -- have to carry the team. Both have been pretty woeful the lasrt month.

    You may doubt him (with good reason), but Bedard is much more enjoyable to watch pitch (a pitcher with a plan, a devastaing off-speed pitch) than Price (one speed macho ball idiotic sequeuncing) in May of 2014. Never could have sene myself writing those words, but they are true.

  8. starmand says:

    I hear that Miguel Olivo has been released by the Dodgers.

    Here's an idea. Sign him to Durham. And then explain to most of the 25 in the active roster that if they do not improve, they might be sent there.

    I think that's called positive reinforcement.


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