Evan LongoriaThe GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

Angels 6, RAYS 2 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: Kevin Kiermaier. K2 played that game like he had absolutely no desire to get on that plane heading back to Durham. In addition to his amazing catch, which we posted yesterday, he also hit his first career home run. In a fair world, K2 would be on this roster for the rest of the season. But the fact is, the Rays have too many outfielders already and Brandon Guyer can’t be demoted and has a right-handed bat that is more valuable at this point. But if Kiermaier can hit at all, he is going to have a long career as a decent big league outfielder…Brad Boxberger. After being put into a situation he never should have been in and giving up a walk-off home run to Mike Trout, Boxberger rebounded nicely this weekend with 2.1 scoreless innings with 2 strikeouts. A lot of young pitchers would have carried that loss over for a few appearances. Boxberger showed he was able to shake it off.

THE BAD: David Price. In his last 4 starts (27.2 ip) Price has 30 strikeouts and 1 walk. That is nuts. A 3:1 ratio is good. So, why is that “bad”? Because at some point you gotta start wondering if Price’s pitches are in the strikezone too often. Things become a little easier when the batter can narrow down where the pitch is going and Price’s pitches are going to be in the small area directly above the plate. For most batters that is not going to be much help because Price is still going to dominate them. But for hitters like Albert Pujols, that is like putting the ball on a tee.

THE TELLING: David DeJesus has played in the outfield once in last 24 games and hasn’t played in the field at all in last 14 games…Ryan Hanigan says he is not going on the DL as he remains sidelined with a sore hamstring…


  • The Rays continue to slide down the Power Rankings. [BI Sports]
  • Evan Longoria was pretty hard on himself after yesterday’s game. This team’s head is just in a bad place right now. [TampaBay.com]
  • David Price visited MLB’s Urban Youth Academy in Compton. [MLB Video]
  • DOWN ON THE FARM [boxscores] Mike Montgomery gave up 2 runs in 6.1 innings, striking out 4 and walking 4. Wilson Betemit hit his 9th home run and Mikie Mahtook hit his first. Mahtook also stole his 7th base…Jeremy Moore’s second home run accounted for Montgomery’s only run…

Kevin Kiermaier also hit his first career home run.





  1. Gus says:

    As noted here after his Orioles start, Price seems hellbent on never making a hitter chase. Good hitters kill that, like Albert did on an 0-2 fastball over the plate! Just plain stupid pitching. Unnecassarily macho.

    • Rob says:

      Is his stock falling? Did they miss the window to trade him for a valuable return? I've decided they can't make the playoffs at this point so now I can just enjoy a season of baseball with no expectations (and disappointments).

      • Gus says:

        He's still a good pitcher, but he's trying to prove something out there that is foolish. On most teams, you give up an 0-2 HR by grooving a fastballl, you get fined. Do that to a guy with 500 HRs, and you should get called out in the press. Brian Anderson called him out before the Orioles start, and we have two very bad starts and one great one in Seattle. The differenc emay just be the quality of the hitters he is facing.

  2. Jim says:

    trade him soon, or he'll have a mysterious DL trip. get what you can, while you can.

    he's obviously not the leader or ACE for this team anymore. we wasted $5 million on Bell, let's not waste another $5 million on the second half of the year on Price. time to regroup.

  3. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    Okay, so as the mediocre road trip panic ensues yet again, let me once again put it into perspective and temper the mass hysteria:

    The Rays are 5 games back of the Yankees and 4.5 back of Baltimore.

    With 11 games remaining in May the Rays could conceivably be right back in the thick of the AL East race with a strong finish to the month.

    If the Rays take 2 out of 3 against Oak, Bos, Tor, and 1 of the 2 games against Boston as the month ends (the third game against Boston is on June 1 so I'm not counting it) the Rays would stand at 26-30. If during that same stretch the entire rest of the division holds at, let's say .500 (6-6), then you'd be looking at a Division with a 3.5 game separation from NY at the top to TB .5 behind Boston at the bottom....

    That sounds like well within striking distance to enter June and is completely realistic...
    Go ahead and put the protective plastic case back over the panic button.

    The hitting cannot continue to function this poorly and the pitching is getting healthy while NY and the gang are springing injuries like leaks in a dyke.

    • Jim says:

      when is it time to panic? i've asked you guys over and over, WHAT'S THE MAGIC NUMBER, AND WHEN?

      all i hear in response is "if we beat....., and beat..... we had this "debate" 3 weeks ago, and now we in exactly the same boat. ok so what if we don't go a streak or we don't win 25 games in june? we've now drifted into July and now what? Teams that are very interested in Price, like Texas, are now less likely to be trade partners, due to their standings at the break. The longer we wait, the less quality trade partners.

      so the week before the deadline, and we're 8+ games out, is that enough to pull the trigger? or do we wait around for another miracle comeback? Our manager and FO are the ultimate optimists, maybe to a fault. the deadline is just a date on the calendar, i hope we don't miss a huge opportunity by sticking our heads in the sand and denying that we are not a playoff caliber team.

      • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

        I totally get your point. There is always a point of diminishing return on any investment and the same applies to Price.

        I am simply asserting that a 5 game deficit on any day in May is way too early to make any knee jerk or hasty decisions.

        • Jim says:

          Once again, what's the magic number that you would finally considering trading price? How many games out? Would you wait until the break no matter what?

          If we wait till the break, Texas, CWS,Philly,LAD and the Mariners could be so far back that they are at best non movers on trading day. Then we are left with only a handful of actual trade partners not in our division. Everybody that was "debating" with me about "what's the harm in waiting", please read the above statement.

          But you can bet the FO will spin it if we don't trade him at the deadline. "we didn't get any offer that was worthy"(duh, you waited tooooo long to pull the trigger) or if we do trade him at the end of the year "we got a better offer than we got at the AS break",(once again, duh, and you paid him $5 million to be on the roster, or it will be "that was a rumor")

          It comes down to over optimistic dreams. "Once we start hitting, I’ll have a better idea of what we got going on" JM. Other than 13', this is a average year for our hitting. JM acts like we can flick a switch and start hitting like the yankees. We are the Rays, pitching and defense. period. We succeed despite our hitting, now we need to hit to have a better idea of what's going on. That statement alone should tell you we are f'd.

          Most of you stated "we started off bad in april in "X" year and how did that turn out?" Well we've now continued sub .500 3 weeks into May. The miracle comeback year was great to watch but unfortunately it may have blinded our vision of reality. This could finally be the "parity" year that everyone has predicted for so long in the AL east. Without pitching, we won't be a part of that.

  4. Geoff Peterson says:

    Dare I suggest that it's time to trade Joyce for a decent relief pitcher and a prospect? Guyer is a righty bat but would not bring a lot in a trade. Joyce might bring a good amount for a team looking for a lefty DH or outfielder.

    • Gus says:

      Joyce due to get paid a lot sooner than Keirmayer and Guyer too. I do think his days may be numbered. A shame, because he seems to give us some great at bats. But they need to do something. This team is more stale than JoMa's cologne.

  5. Monte says:

    I'm no expert in analyzing player performance and all I can see is the obvious, but it has got to be troubling when the only starter with more than 6+ innings pitched per game is Price. Obviously, opposing teams are getting to the pen early and what do they face? Peralta (5.40 era), Gomes (4.91), Lueke (4.74) and Balfour (6.06). How can we win with those ERAs?

    The only healthy starting pitcher with an ERA under 4.00 is Bedard.

    The starting eight in the field seem to be holding their own offensively, except the timeliness of hits is poor. They have a hard time moving runners over. Once past the starting eight, things get very shaky. The only hitter above .230 is Sean Rodriquez. Guyer is at .209.

    I don't know the answer except all players have got to do better. Thus far it is a very disappointing year, but maybe a lot of that is due to injuries to Cobb and Moore. When Cobb and Hellickson start taking their turns, let's hope the pen improves and hitters start hitting with runners in soring position.

    • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

      That's exactly it. At some point Longo and Myers will return to their more typical power numbers and Jennings will progress back to his career averages (batting .100 since he won player of the week), couple that with the return of Cobb, and to some extent Helli, and a team that is miraculously still in the hunt should surge forward in the standings... the Rays are 5 games out despite all their issues so it is a fair assumption to believe that if the current regression hasn't buried them that the forthcoming progression will redeem them.

  6. TOM says:

    Want to watch a young exciting team, watch the Marlins. The heck with the Rays. The Marlins have 6 players with at least 5 HR's. How many do the Rays have, any?

  7. Micah Gillett says:

    Love reading things like this a couple months after the fact. Price has gone 5-0 in the last month (July) with a 1.36 ERA and 1.08 Whip. I'm sure these commenters are singing a different song today then they were in late March.


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