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Two years after nearly killing a motorcyclist while driving drunk, former Rays’ pitching prospect Matt Bush opened up about what happened that day and how he ended up in prison.

Bush has been in prison for two years and has two years to go. In those two years he has had exactly one visitor, former Rays outfielder Gabe Kapler, who conducted the interview for

Bush talks about borrowing Brandon Guyer’s truck and stopping to pound a Four Loko on the way to a Verizon store, and then stopping for another and another and another. He talks about getting lost and then going to a strip club.

And he talks about hitting Tony Tufano’s motorcycle and then driving over his head.

“It didn’t seem real. But it was, and I realized that at that point, my life was over. You’re done, you’re over with.”

As for baseball, Bush sounds like is not ready to give up that part of his life, recounting a dream to Kapler about playing for an independent league team. He added that  another former Rays prospect, Josh Hamilton, and his redemption story “gave [Bush] hope.”

But Kapler spoke to a “current general manager” (hmmm, who might that be?) who said it was “unlikely” Bush would get another chance in baseball after he is released in May, 2016.


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  1. mp645 says:

    What an awful and disturbing tale. Many of us have been in situations where we drank more than we thought and drove our cars. We never made a conscious decision to drink and drive but we did just that. This a warning of what can happen.

    It is sad that Matt Bush has had no visitors in 2 years. Did he also leave the scene of the accident? Hit and run? I can't remember but it really doesn't matter now. Bush will probably never play baseball in the USA.


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