That quote comes from Joe Maddon after last night’s game (via Roger Mooney of TBO.com) and refers to the .179 batting average of Logan Forsythe. Here is the full quote:

“We do our work on him and ball off the bat, hard contact has been there…He gets at least one line drive caught a game it seems, and that kills the complimentary components. One ball falls in and you feel better. He’s not been nearly as bad as that one number indicates. I have not seen a whole lot bad. I think he’s a classic example of a guy you got to hang with, because it’s in there. His track record is good. He’s not really off of it outside of an actual number with the batting average, because otherwise a lot of the underlying noise is pretty good.”

Now, we all know by now that Maddon is not going to rip one of his players publicly if they are struggling as long as they are trying. But this quote is perplexing because it is just not true.

Here is a look at Forsythe’s line drive rate throughout his career, which is generally a good indicator of how often a batter is hitting the ball hard.


When Forsythe hits a ball in fair territory, only 17.1% of those balls have been a line drive.

Forsythe has hit the ball fair 70 times this season. That means he has hit 12 line drives in 93 plate appearances.

That is 12 line drives in 32 games (22 starts), not one every game as suggested by Maddon.

Forsythe does have a ridiculously low .214 bating average on balls in play (BABIP) which suggests he has been a little unlucky so far. But with such a low line drive rate against American League pitching, I wouldn’t expect that BABIP to be much better even if he wasn’t unlucky.

Of course, we are talking about a guy that will start 60-70 games this year and will disappear in most others. The Rays have bigger problems than Logan Forsythe. But right now he is not helping and there is little to indicate that this will change anytime soon.



  1. ed williams says:

    why is he still here than, is it his contract, from what i understand, and i could be wrong he has options. I have to imagine that we have better options down in the minors, at least give them a shot, can't be any worse. Now i have a question , who makes the decision of who stays and goes, i think it's andrew not joe , or is it both. Who ever it is needs to stop being so stubborn and look for another way. I keep hearing about the payroll, well they spent 80 million or so this year, in my opinion that should be enough to field a good team, so try to see if maybe changing the hitting philosofy (wow bad spelling) works, anyway GO RAYS

  2. ken says:

    Cork, now you've done it. Calling out JoMa is dangerous. Not only will you now feel the ire of the Maddon apologists but you're likely to find a stinky sting ray under your sheets.
    It's nice to have a least one journalist in the area with integrity. Keep up the great work.

  3. TOM says:

    I like Forsyth but you can't keep a guy because you like him. Unless your Maddon Friedman. Just ask Molina. What are they paying him like $2 mil a year. For what , because he's good at framing pitches. Other than that he's useless. For that we got rid of Chris Gomes & Lobaton. Allso Guyer seems like a nice guy but he's gotten chances to prove himself and hasn,t. Should have kept Kermeier.

  4. Lyman Sale says:

    Forsyth and Molina are both automatic outs at the bat. Get rid of them and buy some winners. Madden needs to be in love with winning more than he
    is with scented aftershave gimmicks. His judgment this year has not been good.


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