Dylan Fosnacht is a high school pitcher in Washington who threw 194 pitches over 14 innings in a recent game.

The coach quickly came under criticism which led to the pitcher defending the decision on Twitter. That was followed by a congratulations from David Price and a message that the coach should be fired.

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The coach later told David Brown of Yahoo! Sports that he is concerned about his pitcher in hindsight and “probably would change the decision today.”

But should the coach be criticized?

Of course 194 pitches is an absurd amount. But by all accounts the high school senior is not a prospect for the pros or for college.

He probably has just weeks remaining in his entire baseball career. Sure there is still an immediate injury risk. But all sports involve injury risks.

And now this kid has a great memory, a cool story, and he was congratulated by David Price. None of that happens if he is pulled after 7 innings.


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  1. starmand says:

    I look at it this way. He pitched an average of 13.85 pitches per inning. That's almost Boxberger-like. That's something to tell your grandkids about.

    However, no one has mentioned that he has a foreign substance in his throwing hand. Either that or he wanted to keep it warm. With 13.85 pitches per inning, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Washington is pretty cold this time of year.


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