Cole Figueroa

Last night we got a glimpse and a reminder of just how much fun the Rays can be to watch.

Cole Figueroa’s second big league hit was a one-out double in the bottom of the ninth that broke a 0-0 tie. But the best part was how quickly Figueroa went from walk-off hero, to scrum evader, to jump-n-bump party.

Figueroa eventually lost his jersey. But his teammates weren’t done. Let’s watch the Gatorade bath in super slo-mo.

And then there was the whipped cream pie, which is delivered ever so nonchalantly. Meanwhile, Figaro The Cat never fights any of this because you know he loves every second.

It’s been a rough season for the Rays and one consequence of the losing that makes things harder for the fans is that we don’t get to see the fun side of the Rays as often as we are used to.

And let’s face it, when things are going well, the Rays lead the big leagues in FAR (Fun Above Replacement).



  1. Beezy says:

    Great title to the article!

  2. Sarah says:

    Also, referring back to your shout-out to Sean Rodriguez in yesterday's post - check out the video of the bench reaction, you'll see Sean is the most enthusiastic cheer leader watching the guy who just replaced him get the walk off hit.

    I give credit to Sean; I also think he has, in the last two seasons, made his peace with being a part-time player sufficiently that he can be more effective in that role. I would imagine his low point was getting sent down to Durham - was to two or three years ago? -- and then missing the chance to get called back because he'd put his fist through a locker in frustration.

  3. STARMAND says:

    Here's hoping that they go on a 13-0 winning streak.


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