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Mariners 12,RAYS 5 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: Cesar Ramos. I hate putting Ramos here because there shouldn’t be a consolation prize for getting lit like a bonfire in the first 3 innings. But by the time the Rays were down 8-0 in the second inning, Joe Maddon needed Ramos to take one for the team and the bullpen and he did. He settled down and threw a whopping 114 pitches to get into the 7th inning and save the other arms for tonight…Wil Myers. Myers moved to first base for the final 3 innings and Joe Maddon said we might see that more often at the end of games. Myers seemed to handle the position well.

THE BAD: As bad a performance as you will ever see. I have seen the Rays get no-hit and play better baseball than I watched last night. If you couldn’t watch last night’s game consider yourself grateful. The defense was atrocious and from normally dependable gloves, such as Evan Longoria’s bad throw and James Loney letting a groundball go through his legs. And then there was Ramos who seemingly gave up a long flyball to the wall to every batter. He ended up only giving up one home run. But two other batters hit balls off the top of the wall that literally missed being home runs by inches and two other batters hit balls to the warning track and that was just the first two innings. If you could watch last night’s game, well, at least you got to bed at a decent hour.

THE TELLING: Announced attendance was just 12,392 and the actual crowd was about half of that…Wil Myers infield single in the second inning (which could have been ruled an error) ended Felix Hernandez’s streak of 34 straight Rays batters he had retired and 14 straight hitless innings…The Rays are now 1-4 on the road in their grey jerseys and 7-7 on the road in navy.


  • The Rays’ chance to make the playoffs has fallen to just 22.2%. [BPro]
  • Fernando Rodney says he was never offered a contract to stay with the Rays. He signed a 2-year deal with the M’s worth $14 million while Grant Balfour signed a 2-year deal worth $12 million with the Rays. However, Balfour also has $4 million being deferred which makes the deal even more valuable for the Rays. [TampaBay.com]
  • The Bucs signed a bunch of undrafted rookies. [JoeBucsFan]
  • DOWN ON THE FARM [boxscoresWilson Betemit continues to slug triple-A pitching well, hitting his 8th home run of the season, although his average is still just .254 (.340 OBP). His 46 strikeouts in 33 games is not good…Dylan Floro allowed just 1 run in 7 innings in double-A, striking out 5 and walking 1…Catcher Justin O’Connor went 3-3 for Charlotte with a walk and his 4th home run.First baseman Justin Leonard was 4-4 with a walk and his 5th and 6th home runs.

It looked like there were about 4,000 people in the stadium for the first pitch.

5-12-2014 9-06-58 PM

Robinson Cano’s bid for his first Safeco home run was closer than Matt Joyce’s bid to rob him. And then, amazingly, the very next batter also hit a ball off the top of the wall.

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  1. Jim says:

    "Announced attendance was just 12,392 and the actual crowd was about half of that"

    So when is major league baseball going to vaporize the Mariners? Are there owners screaming about needing a new stadium.

    Beautiful baseball weather, one of the top pitchers in MLB on the mound so why is nobody bitching about attendance? Oh that's right, the real money is in the TV contract. Sorry I let the cat out of the bag Stu. I said this over and over, after the first 3 years in a new stadium, the Rays will be back in the bottom 5 in attendance. It's just easier for the FO to bitch at the trop than it is to bitch at being locked into a horrible TV deal.

    • Jim says:

      Take a look at the Mariner's attendance/Payroll vs Ray's attendance/Payroll over the past 5 years. If you take the average ticket prices, I think you will find that the Rays turn more of a "profit" in this category than the Mariners since 2008. Some years it will be close, some years not.

      The big difference this year is the TV contract, but in years past, how was Seattle able to make up for the $? . That's what makes Stu and MLB a farce. Once we get a new TV deal, there's no way in hell that the Rays attendance means a hill of beans. If Seattle can function with that salary/attendance and NEVER be brought up in the same sentence as the Ray's and A's, then there isn't actually an attendance issue for ANY team in MLB.

  2. Ken says:

    The pic of Ramos eerily reminds me of Valenzula. Too bad he can't pitch like him.

  3. starmand says:

    "The Rays are now 1-4 on the road in their grey jerseys and 7-7 on the road in navy."

    Desperate times call for desperate measures. I suggest we dye the grey jerseys navy.

  4. AJNO says:

    i see White Flag made an appearance. 1 1/3, 3 ERs. Rockin a sold 5.10 ERA for a pitcher who only sees action when the other team jsut wants to swing and go home.


  5. Gus says:

    Time for David Price and Evan Longoria to step up tonight, stop the bleeding and win the game.

    The season is in full flame right now. Enny Romero is getting called up. Cobb up next week. They can right the ship, but they need to win the road trip.

  6. Dave L says:

    The baseball gods were kind to us to choose that one not to televise. I pulled up the the box and saw the first two crooked numbers and knew I didnt have to stay up late to monitor that one.

  7. Dave L says:

    The baseball gods were kind to us to choose that one not to televise. I pulled up the the box and saw the first two crooked numbers and knew I didnt have to stay up late to monitor that one.

  8. tarponmom says:

    Please Please Please let this be rock bottom. I thought the Orioles series was rock bottom. Apparently there was fifty more feet of gravel and then Seattle. Can we clone Hanigan? Yes, he had a "mini-slump" against Cleveland but he came right back and had 4 RBI's last night.

    It looks bad now but I will still be a Rays fan win or lose. I will go to 25+ games and take my kids. If you live in a place that has baseball- that's a lucky place to be.

  9. zenny says:

    There's no way this team will keep playing so poorly, especially once Cobber gets back. The thing is, they'll have dug themselves such a deep whole by then that this may be a lost season already. Hope I'm wrong about that.

    On the other hand, I'm glad that the Rays didn't even consider signing Rodney at the price he wanted. He'd lost his edge by the end of last season - in the playoffs, you could see in his eyes that he'd rather be anywhere in the world besides on the mound. Not the look you ever want to see on your closer. Balfour is off to a rough start, but he'll probably get it going, as he obviously still has that fire.

  10. ed williams says:

    i think the rays where in there hippy mode last night, before i rant, i have been a rays fan and will continue, believe it or not i even go to the games. lol Now, even when cobb comes back what is to say that we are going to get any better, the offense once again is incredibly inconsistent , i had real high hopes this year , still do , not giving up, but lets be real, even if they get to the playoffs, it's usually one and done, when do we start looking at coaching, now before anybody starts screaming, im not saying fire joe maddon or jim hickey. Just seems to me that this team has no fire, except of course the mad aussie, when are we aloud to start questioning joe's moves, of course he only can do what he can with what he has. Personally when i was looking at twitter and seeing the pictures of the dress up time, i was wondering where is the worrying , maybe that's not the right word, but i saw a team and manager that just didn't seem to conserned about what was going on, i understand joe wants to keep things comfortable, but maybe they need a little kick in the pants. I know it's early but, you can't let it get away to fast. anyway thanks for letting me rant, always a rays fan, good or bad, go rays


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