The Red Sox are on the way to being swept by the Rays and losing their tenth straight game and that frustration has boiled over in the 7th inning as the benches cleared.

With the Rays up 8-3, some on the Red Sox had apparently already given up and were upset that Yunel Escobar stole third base. This led to words being exchanged between Escobar and the Red Sox dugout when, you guessed it, Jonny Gomes came streaking in from left field to escalate matters.


But what is really going to piss you off is the reaction by the butt-hurt Red Sox announcers who rip Escobar for not challenging the entire Red Sox dugout and then running away scared, all of which is complete BS.

Escobar and Gomes were ejected as well as Sean Rodriguez.



  1. This honestly hurts my respect for Don Orsillo. Who I have respected despite which team he covers because I believe him to be one of the best announcers in the game today. Such a shame.

  2. Woodrow744 says:

    Gotta love a sport where you go from thinking your team will never win again to playing like world beaters, all in one week. As far as Yunel goes, I'm not a big fan, but geez, it's good to see some fire in one of our guys. Haven't seen much of that since……..Gomes.

  3. Rob says:

    I don't like that Gomes pushed Foley. That seemed like a cheap shot.

  4. bbmern says:

    You have to love Joe Maddon's response to this scuffle in his press conference. And shame on Gomes for shoving Foley. The fool who started it all was never ejected. Hurrah for our Rays for sweeping those cry babies!

  5. Big Tone says:

    Gotta love that James Loney cracks a hint of a smile right at the end of this clip. Nothing to piss off childish angry men like a smile.

  6. STARMAND says:

    Also have to love the fact that it was Molina, all 390 lbs of him, that shoved Gomes out of the way. And he was carrying a bat.

    He framed Gomes reasonably well. We all know that he can't hit.

    • ken says:

      Molina got there quicker than I've seen him run out a double. The Sux might have done the Rays a favor. A sweep, then at least a draw in a late inning fracas, makes for a much needed adrenalin rush as they head into Jays territory.

      • STARMAND says:


        Molina got there as fast as Gomes.

        I just thought that it was a nice gesture of him to bring the bat along. Which is one of the unwritten rules of baseball. Bring a bat to a shoving-match, you never know when you're going to need it.

  7. Robertowh says:

    Couple of real class acts playing catcher in Boston...
    I think Jonny just wanted some extra face time on the 4 letter network.

  8. Bobo1234 says:

    Typical crybaby BS from redsux! Gomes is well on his way out with his .217 average, cheap shot artist, couldn't throw out a 1 legged man, sissy a s s bi t ch ! Last year in the playoffs, red sux up 8-2, ellsbury singles, steals second and the Rays didn't say a word. Hope your streak gets to 20 , go suck a lobster !

  9. TOM says:

    If Molina had a bat & swung it, not to worry he wouldn't have hit anybody.

  10. Dave L says:

    i have nothing to prove this but I think the Sox were trying to get under Yunel's skin the whole game. Aj was jawing with him at every at bat and although Escobar was always smiling I'm sure it wasnt all good fun. And when he missed that unnecessary bare hand on the slow footed catcher AJP let him have it upon taking second.

    Talking smack from the dugout isn't anything new or rare.

    Yuni's bat seems to be where it was last year which is good but his defensive chrome is getting a little tarnished. I hope he can get his emotions in check for the remainder of the season. If teams think they can get you off your game by needling they will do it. Especially division foes your play so much.

    It will be interesting to see how going back to Toronto will affect his overall demeanor and poise.

    • ken says:

      As Maddon said, "Yunel is mercurial at times". Hopefully he pops the Jays thermometer this weekend.

  11. Robertowh says:

    good points Dave. Going up to Beantown at the end of this week could be interesting too.

  12. Talking smack in baseball is priceless.

    Talking English smack to Yunel is useless.

    I pity the clueless Japanese pitchers who had a front row seat to this Kabuki theater.

  13. STARMAND says:

    I wonder if Molina has considered signing with the Bucs as an offensive lineman.

    Not kidding, what we saw yesterday looked a lot better than what we saw with the Bucs' 2013 season.

  14. Ricky C says:

    If there was ever any wonder why Res Sox fans are like they are, the answer lies in their commentators. What a joke. Jack Edwards for the Bruins cries like a baby every game, and then these hacks talking about Yunel. Buck Foston!

  15. BJ Rassam says:

    Yes, Bosox are beyond frustrated at the losing streak.


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