The Rays have added three acts to their post-game concert series…

Tantric June 25, vs Arizona
Vanilla Ice July 9, vs Cleveland
Los Lobos July 30, vs Yankees

Tantric is an interesting choice, because they also happen to be Evan Longoria’s walk-up music. So one has to wonder if the powers-that-be are acting on Dirtbag’s suggestion or if they are just throwing him a bone.

The addition of Los Lobos is interesting in that it comes on the night of a Yankees game. Certainly the Rays don’t need any boost in attendance on that night. But all three concerts come on Fridays, the night the Rays are trying to turn the Trop into a nightclub.

As for Vanilla Ice. I am not afraid to admit that I saw Mr. Ice in concert back in ~1989 when he opened up for MC Hammer. it was just before he hit it big and yes, remember thinking he was cool as hell.

Now if the Rays can just get The New Kids on the Block and The Village People, their concert series will be complete.



  1. Amanda says:

    That's too weird. Collaborate and listen: One of my best friends just came back to Orlando from a 10-year anniversary trip to Jamaica this weekend. She ran into ol' Vanilla Ice himself there. Not that she or her husband are fans of him at all, they posed for a picture with him. (She posted the picture on Facebook yesterday.) They said he was real nice guy. (I think he wanted them to post on FB to let people know he was still alive.)

  2. Zach says:

    Los Lobos? What, Richie Valens wasn't available? too soon?

  3. zenny says:

    Los Lobos is MUCH more than La Bamba - they're a truly great American band with a Mexicano accent who happened to cover an oldie for a movie years ago. They have tons of original songs and put on a great show. Very impressed with that choice, and I'll definitely be there.

    Vanilla Ice, on the other hand...

  4. Jordi says:

    Any chance they get the only other band that Longoria has used as at-bat music? For a few months in 2008, Longo came up in his 2nd AB to Pantera. Who, by the way, are starting to work together, of course minus their deceased former lead guitarist. But why not have a Metal Night at the Trop?


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