Every player in the Rays starting lineup yesterday went with the new striped stirrups and high-cuffed pants look. We love the look. I mean, we reallllyyyy love it. But there is something ironic about the new look.

Rays first base coach George Hendrick is often credited as the first player to eschew the stirrups in baseball and wear his pants down to his ankles.

This is from a 2009 article in the Dallas Morning-News

George Hendrick , a former big league outfielder and now first base coach for the Tampa Bay Rays, was at the forefront of the trouser movement, lowering his pant legs to his ankles before anyone else…”Most guys were wearing them up because stirrups were baseball back then,” said Rangers first base coach Gary Pettis, Hendrick’s teammate with the California Angels in the late 1980s. “There were times when he didn’t wear the stirrup. He would put his santie on and take a marker and kind of draw a stripe on each side of the santie. He missed his calling. He’s the first guy that created the 2-in-1 sock.”

So, while the Rays are battling 20 years of bad fashion, they are really battling a trend started by one of their own. Here is hoping they win.



  1. Don says:

    He has now found his calling...standing around 1st base helping no one what so ever....Don't believe me watch him!


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