Via Prospect Tube comes this amateur scouting footage of Desmond Jennings from a recent game in Columbus…

Too bad he can’t play catcher.



  1. TheRevTy says:

    He's even wearing Carl's number!

    Why would we want him to play catcher? We have John Jaso Jingleheimer Schmidt!

  2. Sublime says:


    I was thinking the same thing, he's already wearing Carl's number. I like the idea that Prof had the other day, trade Bartlett, move Brignac and Zobrist into their positions and let Jennings play the Outfield.

    • Beth says:

      But I thought Jennings was having just a so-so year at Durham? What makes you think he's ready for the majors?

      • Cork Gaines says:

        He is, but in general you dont usually have to worry about top hitting prospects unless they have never done it before. Hitting prospects almost always succeed in the majors. Now, the level of success varies greatly. But they almost always become everyday players at least. Pitchers are the real crapshoot.

        So with Jennings, if he comes up, there is certainly a chance he needs an adjustment period. But he almost certainly can duplicate what Bartlett has done so far.

  3. We hope to do a write up to accompany the video we shot during that game in the near future.

    We also have video & a scouting report on Jeremy Hellickson:


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