The Rays took high school catcher Justin O’Connor with their second first-round pick (#31 overall). Interestingly, Keith Law had him ranked 31st overall.

Here is what has to say

O’Conner came into his senior year as a top prospect because he was intriguing, but didn’t have a clear position or definite projection with the bat. However, since his shift to catching he’s established himself as a likely first-round pick.

He has good bat speed and is very balanced and strong through the swing, but doesn’t use his lower half much and may not see the power carry over to wood until he addresses that; he can get a little too linear, but I’ve also seen his back leg collapse when he goes with a more traditional power swing.

He’s got a plus arm with a lightning-quick release, not quite effortless but really just too easy for a guy with limited catching experience, and his receiving is solid. The fact that he now plays a premium position makes questions about his bat a little less concerning, and if he does fulfill his offensive potential he could be a star because of where he now plays.



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