The Rays took high school third baseman Josh Sale with the 17th overall pick of the first round. Keith Law had Sale ranked as the 7th best player available.

An absolute monster physically, with hit and power tools, probably destined for the outfield; has to hit his way to the majors.

Keep in mind that the Rays have three of the top 42 picks and there is a very good chance at least one of those will go unsigned. The 31st pick is unprotected so the Rays will make sure that pick gets signed. If Sale goes unsigned, the Rays will receive a similar pick (~#18) in next year’s draft.



  1. Charles says:

    To me, this is a guy it makes sense to sign because he's the kind of player we have pretty much none of in the system unless you think Henry Wrigley's current (relative) mashfest is for real.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      i think the Rays absolutely want absolutely to sign this kid. I only point out that they dont *have* to. In other words, the Rays have some leverage in negotiations in case his demands are too much.

      • Charles says:

        Oh yeah, agreed. The Rays draft smart and use their leverage well. Unlike some other team I follow *cough*Astros*cough* who draft guys at #8 that most boards had in the 30s & 40s >:(

  2. Jason W says:

    If the Rays don't sign Sale, I'll be pissed. He is a better player than Levon. We need power and just good hitting in this org. and if A few of Sale and last years big 3(Glaesmann, Bailey, and Malm) hit like they are supposed to, then that def. boosts us up a lot.Was Very happy with this pick though.

  3. MJ says:

    Love how Peter Gammons found a way to fit in Rays attendance problems on MLB network while commenting on this pick like the pick was somehow tied to it.

    • Jason Hanselman says:

      I love how he said that Mat Weiters was ruh-tarded between stuttering sentence fragments. Somebody needs to get that man a drink me thinks.

  4. Michael says:

    From Baseball America this morning, this is classic. They HAVE to sign Sale:

    Northwest Hitters Stay Together

    The Rays used two of their top three picks on the two best hitters in the Northwest, both high school hitters from Washington. They selected outfielder Josh Sale at No. 17 and then outfielder Drew Vettleson as the 42nd overall pick in the supplemental first round.

    "It feels great," Sale said. "To say the least, it's been an emotional day. I'm as happy as can be right now."

    Sale said he had a small family get-together to watch the event. He talked about hearing his name called as a first-rounder.

    "I heard my first name and stood up, then I heard the mispronunciation of my last name and I gave a little fist pump, ran out the door and ran up the block, down the block and back up the block again. I was ecstatic, to say the least."

    If they both sign, the Northwest's best two players could be hitting back-to-back.

    "It was actually amazing," Sale said. "As soon as I heard his name called, I pointed at the screen and bolted out the front door to run up and down the street again!"


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