[Update] Here is a link to the video of the foul ball and Todd Kalas’ interview of Vitale a short time later. [MLB.com]

[7:21pm] On the second pitch of tonight’s game, Toronto’s Fred Lewis lined a foul ball into the stands. That ball just happened to strike a Rays season ticket holder in the ribcage area. That fan? Dick Vitale. The image below shows Vitale moments after the wayward baseball met his abdomen…

Dickie V. was immediately tended to by Rays security. He never left his seat and appeared OK.



  1. Amanda says:

    Holy cow, the best part is the interview with Todd Kalas, during Pena's at bat in the second inning. Dickie V starts talking about how he needs to hit above the Mendoza line, but he's coming around with a few homers *CRACK* ... and there the ball goes out. That's Awesome, with a capital A!


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